The heroes of “Iliad” are known as some of the most legendary characters, and the developers have tried to present each of them in a unique way in A Total War Saga: TROY. Each of the epic heroes has unique style of the game, starting position and expected level of difficulty, that makes your choice of starting general and hero an incredibly important decision if you are going to conquer or defend the legendary city of Troy.

Secrets, tactics and tips on Total War Saga: Troy – which hero to choose?

Hector, Prince of Troy.

Champion Troy, Hector, is well suited for defensive masters who prefer to gradually wear their opponents out before a fatal blow. As a prince, he can also rely on diplomacy to create a league of allies.

Paris, Prince of Troy.

Favorite of the goddess Aphrodite, Paris is the opposite of his brother and is designed for players who prefer to fight enemies from afar and defeat them, using the overwhelming superiority in long distance combat.

Aeneas, Lord of Dardania.

Son of the love goddess Aphrodite, Aeneas is ideal for those who want to use the blessings of the Olympic gods themselves to help their military valor and state art.

Sarpedon, King of Lycia.

Known on both sides of the Aegean Sea, Sarpedon is intended for those who prefer to use trade and manipulation of others as a means to secure their ascension to power.

Achilles, commander of the Myrmidonians.

The most powerful warrior in the Iliad, but fiery and unpredictable, Achilles is for those who love risk, who prefer to seek out powerful opponents and kill them with the help of elite units at their disposal.

Agamemnon, King of Mycenae.

The God-like Agamemnon is driven by an all-encompassing thirst for power and glory, and is ideal for those who enjoy victories and impose their will on others.

Odysseus, lord of Ithaca.

The perceptive and resourceful Odysseus is designed for people who prefer to use guerrilla warfare to defeat their enemies and spread out on the Aegean Sea coasts.

Menelaus, King of Sparta.

The glorious Menelaus is an ideal choice for strategists who prefer to use diplomacy and political maneuvering to significantly expand their empire.

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