We tell you where to find all the secrets on the Death from Heaven level in the Cool Sam 4 shooter.

Secret 1/6
Walk through the tunnel at the beginning of the game and find three arches on the right. There are columns with black corners. Jump on them up to find the secret armor.

Secret 2/6
For the next secret you should go to the additional task “There, behind the wall”, connected with search of a warehouse of AOZ. Go up in the direction of the first shooting gallery. Next, you should go down the stairs. But you instead, going to the “arena”, go to the right. Look for a large bush in the corner. Behind it – a hole in the wall. Move on this route and go through the hole on the left. There will be a secret armor.

Secret 3/6
Continue through the mission until you fight with two bulls. Enter the building, which became available, and climb the stairs. As soon as you return to the street, turn right and walk along the road. Walk between the concrete blocks to find the hiding place with ammunition and health. This is the secret.

The secret is 4/6
From the previous secret, go forward on the road towards the plot marker. Soon you will see a yellow truck surrounded by decapitated soldiers. Kill everyone, then go up to the roof of a white van standing near the truck. And from there jump on the roof of the truck to pick up the secret armor.

Secret 5/6
Go further from the truck, but do not hurry to pass through the large double door on the left. Instead, go forward to the two cars in the corner. There will be a big bush behind one of the cars. Jump behind the bush to find the stash with ammunition and health. There will also be armor.

Secret 6/6
Once outside with the first Util (a huge fat man with flare guns), walk along the left side to find the bridge. It leads to the grid, on which hangs a sign with the image of a bull. Shoot at it to call the king of cows.

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