During your journey, you will meet Elder Ye, who has some information about the Green Bridge. But first, you need to find six tokens in her house and then go up to the bell tower and solve the mystery. In this guide, you will learn where to find the tokens and how to use them when you reach the bell tower.

Location of tokens

Token 1: Look at the sliding closet right in front of Elder Ye.

Token 2: Just behind the cabinet there is a shelf – click on it and you’ll find a second badge.

Token 3: Now move the cabinet back and go into the aisle. On the right, you will see a cabinet with a glass door – a badge inside.

Logo 4: Look to the left of the cupboard and you will see the shelf. Look in the third drawer.

Logo 5: Go left on two cabinets. Look in the small drawer.

Token 6: Finally, look at the left side of the sliding door. Open it and take the last badge.

Once you find all the badges, go to bed. The next day, go to the bell tower to complete the puzzle.

Solving the puzzle

Shenmue 3 - how to solve the puzzle on the bell tower

When you climb up to the bell tower, you will see six pillars, each with symbols on them. The symbols will not match what you see on the tokens you’ve collected before – they actually act as the opposite. You will need to match each token with symbols that represent opposites.

Shield Column – use a sword counter

The sunburst column is a moonburst badge.

A bun pole for a couple of buns is a wine badge.

Open Palm Column – use a fist token

Phoenix Column – use the Dragon Badge

Turtle’s column is a Crane token.

Now you have to go upstairs and make a few turns in the center of the puzzle. To do this, you will use round and square buttons, so make sure you turn in the right direction.

The right order:

To the left.
To the left…
To the left…
To the right.
To the right.
To the right.
To the left…
To the left…

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