Have you recently played NieR Automata and are now looking for other games similar to this great project? Well, here are the top 5 other games you should try if you are looking for something similar to NieR Automata.

Astral Chain.

Since this is a list of games similar to NieR Automata games, we will certainly mention other action games from the same developer, PlatinumGames.

Astral Chain is a brand new project from the Japanese studio that was released at Nintendo Switch in 2019 as an exclusive one, and we liked it very much…

Astral Chain is a combination of cool styles, from bright, shaded to half-dead art style to unique and stylish fighting, and if you like anime, you’ll find something for yourself in Astral Chain.

Also, the game has cats that act as a kind of collection, so you shouldn’t miss out on the game.


When you think about the best action games of all time, it’s hard not to think about the Bayonetta series. She has really high heels, two loaded guns, and she can fight her hair – come on, you can’t tell.

Fighting Bayonetta is very similar to fighting with Devil May Cry, because it depends a lot on how you will juggle your opponents and use these high combinations. Using all its assets to the best of your abilities, you will easily knock out demons.

Bayonetta 2 does a great job of improving combat and raises the level of stupid history and characters from the previous game, which makes it a very good sequel. You may not be able to play for several characters like in NieR Automata, but do you really need someone other than Bayonetta?

You can definitely finish both of these games pretty fast as they are not too long while we are waiting for Bayonetta 3 when this game decides to come out.

Bayonetta 2 is only available on Switch and Wii U, but you can still play it on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is a great game that is hard to understand if you haven’t played the previous games in the series, but as soon as you get used to this crazy fighting style of each of the characters, you realize how cool the game is.

When you mix the soundtrack to catchy rock, which includes a song like Devil Trigger with lots of weapons and abilities, actually playing DMC5 just feels really, really good and nourishing. Each character feels different from the previous one, and when you are idling to think about it, it is mostly three completely different campaigns.

DMC5 will make you feel like a total bully throughout its wild history, and once it comes to an end, you will want to see more.

Code Vein

One way to describe Code Vein is “Dark Souls anime”, but this empty description doesn’t even come close to describing how perfect this gothic and bloody action game is.

An unsurpassed fight seems to be very powerful, and thanks to a large number of settings, it really gives the player a lot of work. And although it can be difficult at first, enemies are quite easy at the beginning of the story, so it is easy to understand everything before the complex gameplay of Dark Souls.

And like NieR Automata, Code Vein has a fantastic story that is amazingly deep and convincing.

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