SNAP Poker is a fast and frenetic addition to the world of online poker playing. But what is it, and why has it become so popular with poker fans?

SNAP is based on the idea of fast-fold poker. It essentially follows the rules of Texas Hold ‘em, but allows players the option to move onto another table when and if they fold. 

The option of immediate folds without waiting for a turn is extremely convenient for a fast game and it requires a completely different poker strategy to the typical game. Accelerating the whole experience is the main aim of SNAP Poker. 

How to Play SNAP Poker 

  • The main idea of SNAP Poker is to make poker as quick as possible. Each time a player activates the ‘Snap Fold’ feature they will be assigned a new table and seat. 
  • The player is automatically placed into a different game with a completely new set of cards from the ones they folded on. 
  •  The Snap Fold feature is available at any time. A player can abandon their hand at any point without waiting for their next turn. 
  • Another option is Fold and Watch. Once this feature is selected the player folds their previous hand and moves onto a new table, but can also view the table they just left in a separate window.

The Game Mechanics

  • The player selects cash or tournament mode from the main game page.
  • There are different buy-in levels available for the game.
  • A player is free to play and fold at any time.
  • Players can either fold and watch the rest of the hand play out, or fold and immediately move to a new table.
  • At the new table they will instantly gain a new hand and a new chance at the action.

How SNAP Poker Differs from Texas Hold ‘em

  • SNAP Poker largely derives from the popular variation of Poker, Texas Hold ‘em
  • SNAP Poker uses the same Texas Hold ‘em rules in respect of betting sequences, big blinds and small blinds (the forced bets made before seeing the cards), and hand rankings. 
  • The essential difference is that players move onto a new table after every single hand. 
  • Players can also fast fold, or Snap Fold
  • This helps to create a distinctly different kind of card game. 

  • In a traditional game of Texas Hold ‘em or Omaha, players learn to look out for their fellow players’ moves and adapt accordingly. By using bluffs and varying their tactics they can try to predict how someone will play.
  • Snap Poker removes the importance of bluffs and observation from the poker game. In some ways, it can be seen as a ‘levelling up’ for less experienced players, as it creates a new dynamic within the series of gameplay. 

Differences between Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha 

Omaha and Texas Hold ‘em are the two best known styles of poker game.

Both variants have a lot in common. 

Both deliver the same number of cards at the same points to the players. 

The hand values are also the same. The Royal Flush – a run of a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace in the same suit – is the highest possible winning hand in both. 

  • A big difference is the number of hole cards. In Texas Hold ‘em each player is dealt two covered hole cards to keep secret from the other players. 
  • In Omaha, four hole cards are dealt out at the start of the game. This has a big influence on the eventual hands the players play with alongside the ‘community cards’.  
  • In Texas Hold ‘em, a player can choose to use two, one or none of their hole cards with the community cards. 
  • In Omaha, players must use exactly two of their four hole cards to make their best possible hand. 

The betting structure also tends to differ between the two games.

  • Texas Hold ‘em typically has a preferred betting structure of a no-limit. This means there is no set limit to how a player can bet. They can go over or under as much as they like. 
  • Omaha usually has a maximum limit for bets or a ‘pot limit’, with the maximum bet or raise being equal to the size of the pot.

The Advantages of SNAP Poker

SNAP poker has proven to be a hit with players who are keen to try a less traditional form of online poker.

The main reason for this popularity is the sheer speed of the games on offer. 

With non-stop action available to play on a continuous round of tables there is never any occasion to get bored. It is possible to play up to 300 hands in one hour. 

The intense experience has something to offer for every sort of player, from novices to experts. As a fun intro to poker for beginners it offers unlimited action. For expert players it is a great test of skill. 


As a new and exciting variant of online poker, SNAP Poker has plenty to offer. The game appeals to all kinds of players. 

Players new to Poker can learn the different possibilities quickly. Experienced players get to test their skills against a continually changing set of opponents. 

By playing more hands and playing on more tables, every player can learn more, and win more. 

The SNAP poker format is a flexible and well supported way to play this exciting style of poker. SNAP is another excellent addition to online poker from 888poker. 

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