At first glance, SnowRunner may seem like a light game in which you just need to deliver cargo from point “A” to point “B”, but in reality it has a mass of different mechanics. So your first trip over rough terrain may well end in total failure. If you don’t want to make standard mistakes for beginners, then study our small guide on the game.

Useful tips for beginners
Switch to a truck outside the garage as soon as possible.
We know you need to buy storage space, but the highway truck that you will find during your training is not suitable for this task. For this reason, you will need to switch to another truck that you will soon find outside the garage. Just accept it and spend the money, otherwise in the future you will regret not doing so, as you will face many difficulties.

Sell unused trucks and spare parts.
When you sell, you get the full value of the product, so don’t worry about selling an important spare part or buying a useless vehicle. We also advise you not to keep unused trucks or parts in your garage, as they will only take up space in the room. In addition, there is no extra money in the game.

By the way, if you want to increase your financial wealth, we recommend you to look for new trucks on the map – they will stand ownerless in different parts of the location. Leave good models and sell all others.

Look where you’re going.
This advice may seem obvious, but it is really easy to get stuck in SnowRunner. The fact is that even if you only dive a few wheels into the water or drive through a deeper and darker mud puddle, you can easily face a lot of problems and your plans will collapse in seconds. Over time, you will begin to better understand where you can go and which places to avoid. However, you will still find yourself in a situation where an obstacle is almost impossible to get around.

The winch is your lifeline…
Remember to use the winch. You can select the necessary point to fix the winch via the corresponding menu or just to throw the winch to the nearest point by pressing a special button. You can use the winch to move to the place to which the winch is fixed or to pull your transport with the winch, which is often a more effective solution. However, if the thing to which you have attached the winch weighs less than your truck, then you will probably just rip it out of the ground, so do not try to pull the car to small trees.

Focus on repairing tracks before contracts are fulfilled.
Many people will probably want to take up contracts in the game immediately, but you are unlikely to be able to pass them in a situation where there are always insurmountable obstacles on your way. So before you start to perform these operations, examine the map and feel it. Then repair all bridges and descents, otherwise you’re more likely to be unable to deliver the load you’ve taken.

Keep an eye on the fuel level
On some maps there are usually several petrol stations, so you are unlikely to have a shortage of fuel at them. However, there may simply be no petrol stations at a later stage, so you should accurately calculate your fuel consumption so that you have enough fuel not only for the delivery of your goods but also for the return journey. The choice of truck in this case is crucial, as some models consume huge amounts of fuel. Please also check out our next recommendation.

Use all-wheel drive only when necessary
All-wheel drive is a very important option in the game. Without it, you will not be able to pass most parts of the maps presented. Fortunately, this feature is present in almost all trucks. But all-wheel drive mode uses much more fuel than usual, so we don’t advise you to leave it on all the time. If you are driving on asphalt or sliding down a slide, be sure to knock out all-wheel drive.

If possible, buy new tires

Increasing the level will give you access to new vehicles and customization options. Tyres may not be as important as the whole truck, but they do play a significant role. The default tyres on most early vehicles are very poor, so they are not suitable for off-road or mud. For this reason, as soon as you unlock higher quality tires, buy them immediately.

SnowRunner guide: useful tips for beginners

Remember to bring your trailer
Contracts often specify several objectives. For example, sometimes you will need to take a shipment from a warehouse, deliver it to the right place and then return to the warehouse for a new shipment. However, this task can be simplified if you take the trailer with you at once to significantly increase the capacity of your equipment and perform two tasks in one trip.

Use other trucks for towing or refueling
Remember that you can always jump into another truck and help your previous transport get out of the mud trap. If your two trucks are standing close to each other, you can use the menu to quickly switch between them or refuel one car by taking fuel from the other. The result is that the second vehicle is often always empty, so remember to send it back to the garage as soon as you are ready to leave the map.

Be careful when unloading the cargo

If your truck overturns or falls, the cargo it is carrying is likely to fall to the ground, and it will remain there even after the vehicle itself has disappeared. It may well cause many problems in the future as it will be difficult to drive through it. Therefore, be careful about your route and try not to leave the cargo anywhere.

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