Solium Infernum guide

Solium Infernum is a turn-based strategy game set in Hell, where players take on the role of a powerful demon vying for control of the underworld. In this guide, we will provide an overview of the game mechanics and offer tips to help you succeed.

Game Mechanics

  • Resources: The game features four primary resources – Souls, Artefacts, Relics, and Influence. Souls are used to summon demons and perform actions, Artefacts provide special abilities or bonuses, Relics enhance your demonic powers, and Influence determines your political power.
  • Diplomacy: You can form alliances or declare war with other players. Diplomacy plays a crucial role in gaining allies and ensuring your dominance over others.
  • Action Points: Each turn you have a limited number of Action Points that can be spent on various actions such as summoning demons, exploring locations, casting spells or attacking opponents.
  • Prestige: Prestige is earned by winning battles and completing certain objectives. It unlocks new abilities and determines your overall rank in Hell’s hierarchy.

Tips for Success

  1. Economy Management: Balancing resource production is crucial. Invest in Soul Pits to generate Souls efficiently while focusing on Artefact production to gain strategic advantages.

    Pick location wisely during setup –
    Before the actual start of the game choose best location where enemy attack would be bad idea but still advantageously close enough access for potential resource locations: especially strategic ritual sites like perditions gate
    Never ever let anyone any spy near arcanocomes
  2. Political Maneuvering: Influence is key to winning the game. Use it to gain votes and secure power in Hell’s Senate. Initiate political negotiations, form alliances, and manipulate your opponents.
  3. Military Strategy: Build a powerful army of demons with diverse strengths and abilities. Focus on upgrading existing demons rather than summoning new ones too often.

    Don’t burn all of your treasures at start

    You are just a small fish in this big pond (Jostling for Best position) try taking neutral encampments till u reach some level especially if it gives u any combat or economi or diplomatic edge.

    Make use of rituals-
    Especially Moonstone ritual under Summon ruler section, Treachery ritual under Hostile acts section besides limited usage only unit based spells like Dark Insight under Arch Dukes section other spell have almost no use Mace of Sturmzarel probably tops off my list but I remember very rarely using anything else.

    If you drain Lake of Fire for extra ability points reduce production and focus more on armies as ability points give stronger edge overall (notwithstanding what sometimes my own suggestions above otherwise)
  4. Knowledge is Power: Familiarize yourself with the different buildings, rituals, and abilities available in the game. Study your opponents’ strategies to anticipate their moves.

    In Conclusion

    Solium Infernum offers a deep strategic experience set in an intriguing demonic realm. By mastering the game mechanics, utilizing diplomacy effectively
    Choosing fights wisely,and planning your actions carefully You can ascend through Hell’s ranks and claim victory as the ultimate demon Lord!

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3 responses to “Solium Infernum guide”

  1. I absolutely loved Solium Infernum! The concept of playing as a demon in Hell and battling for control of the underworld is unique and captivating. The game mechanics are well-designed, with the four primary resources adding depth and strategy to the gameplay. I found myself constantly strategizing and planning my moves to outwit my opponents. The inclusion of Artefacts and Relics also adds an exciting element, as they provide special abilities and bonuses. Overall, Solium Infernum is a fantastic turn-based strategy game that I highly recommend.

  2. Solium Infernum is a hidden gem in the turn-based strategy genre. The game offers a challenging and immersive experience, where every decision you make as a demon has consequences. I appreciated the attention to detail in the game mechanics, especially the resource management aspect. Balancing Souls, Artefacts, Relics, and Influence requires careful planning and strategic thinking. The gameplay is deep and rewarding, and the game offers a high level of replayability. If you

  3. Solium Infernum exceeded my expectations as a turn-based strategy game. The setting of Hell is dark and atmospheric, and the game does a great job of immersing you in its world. The game mechanics are intuitive and easy to grasp, but mastering them requires skill and foresight. I enjoyed the strategic element of managing resources and making tactical decisions to gain control of the underworld. The game offers a satisfying challenge and kept me engaged for hours. Solium Infernum is a hidden gem that strategy game enthusiasts should not miss.

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