Move forward along the corridors. There’s only one way. Eventually, the download will begin.

When the protagonist stops at the barrier, pick up the phone and go outside. Walk to the first fork. Here you’ll be told about using a smartphone that has a navigator, messages and a phone book. You need to walk forward with your navigation device, but first turn left and climb up a mountain to find a collectible item. There is a QR code on the tree. If you scan it, you will see this place on the map. Climb a little higher to the left, to the cross. To see the screen saver.

Turn around and walk to the right of the tree with the fire on it. Get to the bridge and interact with the signpost. Then you will see a hole. Go down and find a wooden board under the bridge. Place it on the bridge and go to the other side. Fall down and find traces nearby. Follow them. Focus on the red ribbons and tracks. Eventually, the phone will ring. Answer the phone to Ida.

When you get to the tree, get the pliers out of it. Go to the left of the tree until you find a new place – Ubuku Bunker. Come inside.

Ubuku Bunker
Walk down the hall, but before you go downstairs, climb the steps in front and find the mount in a dead end. Come downstairs to find the dead end. You will hear a sound. Go upstairs, back up, and walk to the left. The aisle is open. At the very end, look behind the block to the left to see the doll with the note. Go back a little bit and on your right hand you’ll see the passage with the rebar curved. Bend over the CTRL and sneak out under it. Look at the wall on the right. Place a phone on the left beam and knock out the bricks. Shake the paintwork when the runner is in the red zone. Then apply the mounting on the concrete block from below. Pick up the phone, get down and crawl on. Get to the doll and read the note: “This is not my fault”. Go back until you get hit by a stranger.

Chapter 1
Go down from the bunker to where Stella was standing. The bridge has been destroyed. Look down, go a little to the right and interact with the point. You’ll need an object to get down there. Turn around, go to the right of the bunker entrance, to the painted wall. There’s a staircase to the left of it. Take it out and examine it. The staircase needs to be repaired. Go further to the right to find the altar with the box. Take it, examine it and apply the four nail pliers that are stuffed into the box. You will find a set of tools. There are crosses sticking out next to the ground. Pull out two crosses to get boards for the stairs. Go back to the stairs and look at them. First, examine the two crosses and apply pliers to cut the wire. Then inspect the stairs. You have to click on two different parts where there are not enough steps. Place two boards in these two places and then apply a hammer to each of them (the main character will automatically score the boards). Place a ladder in the right place, go down to the ravine and wait. Soon you will fall into the swamp. Talk to the girl.

Chapter 2
Take the phone on the log to the right. Turn around and walk to the right, up the slope of the mountain, on the blue markers on the trees. That’s how you get to the monastery.

You will soon be notified that the phone has received a message. Open it. Ida wants you to call her. Decide what to do. We called. There’s a convent upstairs. Look at the lock on the door. Go to the right and around the corner, by the building, find a few objects, including a note. Take them all away. Move on. The cross on the left has a hole in the ground. Apparently, there’s a tunnel. There’s a gate on the right, but it’s locked.

Approach the map booth. Go down from there and follow the yellow sign to the right. There’ll be a bridge on the left, but there’s a strange cloud blocking the path. Go right until you get to the creek below. Wash up and then climb the wall with the ledges. Take a look around. The wall shows a clue. There’s room for a fire below. Pick up a stick. Go left and you’ll see a cave with a spider web. We have to burn it. Go to the right, beyond the drawing, to a tree with mushrooms. Follow the tree to the right on a small slope upwards, along the rock, and in a niche you will find the box. Open it to get a rag, a note, matches and gasoline. Open the box, select the rag and cut it with the knife from the toolbox. Select a stick, wrap it in rags, pour gasoline on it and set fire to it.

Go to the cave, get down and burn the spider web. Moving forward, cut the wire. The spider web will also contain the bodies of animals. Stay away from them (when they fall). Keep moving until you have to cut another set of wires. Look down and jump after the torch.

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