First, reboot your computer and check if the sounds are working in Windows: left-click the speaker icon in the notification area (near the clock) and click the speaker slider.

Sound Errors / No sound in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

If there is no sound, right-click on the speaker icon (PCM) and click “Playback Devices”. On the Playback tab, check which sound source is the default. Then click on the PCM and select “Check”. If there is no sound, the PCM will click on the icon and click “Detect Sound Problems”.

Sounds are available in Windows, but you can’t hear in the game: Check the sound options in the game settings. Update DirectX and sound card driver. There is sound, but no voices: No sound files installed during installation. Check the integrity of the game files in Steam.

General recommendations in case of Creative sound card malfunctioning
Restart the Audio Creative control panel. Check the soundcard settings in it.

Troubleshooting recommendations for Realtek sounds

Restart the Realtek sound control panel. Check the soundcard settings in it. In Realtek HD Audio Manager, switch the audio type from Quadraponic to Stereo (ste

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