Spellbreak offers players a choice of six different classes. Each of them uses the power of a certain element, and all of them have a unique style of play. Searching for a Spellbreak class that suits you will take time. In my opinion, now the best Spellbreak class for most players is Stoneshaper.

As the name makes clear, Stonehaper draws its strength from the earth and stones. This class is probably the easiest to learn in the game, as its abilities are simple and powerful. For the new players, who are now the majority, the Stoneshaper is the best choice.

Stoneshapers can throw enemies, play very aggressively, and you do not need to worry about mana management as much as other classes. Skills and abilities make it difficult to kill, but it also has a powerful punch.

Abilities of Stoneshaper
Stoneshaper starts the match with Stone Gauntlet. His main attack is Shockwave, dealing damage to a long and fairly wide line along the ground. This ability is easy to hit enemies, and it can deal damage to several opponents, unlike the Ice Spear, Ice Mitten or Lightning Mitten. Another advantage of Stoneshaper is that it gets +20 to maximum armor. If you have less than 20 armor at any time, you can regenerate it with Shockwave – this is one of the strong points of Stoneshaper. You can constantly regenerate your armor in battle, dealing more than 40 damage per shock wave. Combine this with the talents of Scavepting and Recovery, and Stoneshaper becomes a terrifying tank. Boulderfall is the Magic of the Stone Creator. It launches a large stone at a specified point and can deal up to 50 damage. This allows Stoneshaper to hit targets out of reach of its shock wave. It is a simple and reliable ability.

Weakness of the Stoneshaper
As one would expect from the earthly class, Stoneshaper is not very good for fighting enemies in the air or at long distances. Your Shockwave can not hit enemies at high altitude from the ground.

It is also not easy for stone creators to fight around buildings. Shockwave can’t climb walls or stairs. If you want to succeed with this class, try to fight with the enemies in open space.

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