Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – How to find and defeat all mysterious creatures

Legendary creatures are the most powerful variations of local creatures you’ll find on different planets of the new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order action game. You’ll see at first glance that you’re dealing with something serious, and then you’ll see a strip of life with their name on it, and it’ll get even scarier. Every planet has its own legendary beast. With this material, we will give you a guide to the location of all the legendary creatures of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order about how to find all four mysterious creatures and defeat them.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – How to find and defeat all four mysterious creatures

These legendary animals can be difficult, so make sure you have enough stock of treatment items. It’s also highly recommended that you hold the fight patiently, striking methodically because animals are tougher and stronger than all their kin. As soon as you defeat the last legendary creature, you’ll get an achievement/trophy called “Legendary Beasts”.

Oggdo Bogdo
Go to the Rich Shell location and take a course to the right. Follow the path and use parkour to get through the cave with the poles blocking about half the entrance. Walk deep into the cave and there you will find the first legendary creature, Oggdo Bogdo. Beware of his bites and avoid his attack when he turns red.

Albinos Vaaishock
Go to the Imperial Oil Refinery and walk along the top ledge and you’ll find a crevice that will lead you into a tunnel on the other side. Walk along with it and reach the part of the cave with the spider web. This is where you will meet the famous albino spider. As with Ogdo Bogdo, avoid an attack when the opponent turns red. Also, avoid getting caught on the web.

Mad Iotaz
Go to the “Broken Wing” location and proceed to the crash site. Follow the pond to the open terrain with a regular left-hand yotaza patrol, kill if you like, or simply climb the platform on the left. Then use the panel to turn off the lasers to your right.

Go through a small crack in the wall, cut through the wires and go through the second crack to find the third legendary creature, Mad Jotaz. You can simply attack him from the air to deal significant damage. Or use force to penetrate the left-handed wall. Now just turn around and attack the creature, dodging the abyss you just created to escape any damage. It’s a little unfair, but it’s clearly easier than a battle with a chance of dying and losing progress.

Nidak Alpha
Go to the Ruins of Nightmare, to the location of the Strangled Cliffs, and you will see a large door to the temple. Head straight to where you can see the opportunity to run through the wall to the next platform, where you will meet the giant wolf, the last mysterious creature in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Use evasion as the creature attacks quickly. Be extremely careful, because as soon as it hits the attack on you, there will be very little chance to survive.

That’s where our guide came to an end. Congratulations on a successful hunt for legendary creatures in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from every planet.

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