Startup Company is a great game, which, however, does not forgive any errors at all. Any such mistake can happen and you can lose 100,000 registered users, but a pleasant gameplay with tightening mechanics bribes. Let’s mention right away that we would recommend you to play Startup Company on your own, learning and testing everything in person. Okay: Hyde and passage of Startup Company – What service to choose, recruitment, profits, advertising, response time, servers, managers, offices and much more.

Startup Company – Which service to choose, recruitment, profit, advertising, response time, server, managers, offices and much more.

Which service to choose at the beginning
We do not have direct evidence, but in our experience we believe that Streaming Services is the most successful because our Streaming Service, which was created while my Shopping Service already had 10 million users, has now overtaken the shopping service. In addition, we strongly recommend that you take small steps to get started. Yes, it may take much longer, but it is guaranteed to save money for emergencies.

Hiring of employees
From the point of view of recruiting new staff, we advise you to ask yourself a few questions:

Do you need them? And will their recruitment speed up your production, in turn bringing more money? Or will it be a waste of money?

Can you afford it? It is very important to understand this, because if you cannot, you will go bankrupt very quickly;

If the answer to that question is yes, then just hire new employees.

The most important part of the game, and if you do not profit from your products, you will quickly fail. In the beginning, you get income from your investors by performing tasks, and one of them is making a profit. If you click on your balance in the upper right corner, it will show all the statistics and figures about how much you spend and earn. We need the green part to be above red.

Advertising .
To verify this, you need to update your ads starting with text ads (in the functions section of your product). You will need a sales manager to find contractors, so you must be strict with your price – at least $5. The price for a thousand impressions on the advertising banner and the price for a thousand impressions of video ads is 7 thousand US dollars. However, you need to lower the price first, because you don’t have enough users to view the ad, so increase the price per thousand displays for a text ad by 1-2 dollars and increase it in a small step.

Startup Company guide - Which service to choose, recruitment, profit, advertising, response time, servers, managers, offices and much more

One thing we found very useful was to train our sales managers. We got two sales managers and trained one while the other was working, and then vice versa. Try to raise their level as high as possible and don’t be afraid to pay extra, as their improvement is converted into more money for you.

Training helps them find contractors faster, is more convincing and makes it easier to get high prices for a thousand displays. We now have an average of $8 per thousand displays for video displays, and we earn $36,688,849 a month on our largest product.

Response time.
A question that we still do not fully understand, but the only advice we will give is IMPORTANT advice! Improve the efficiency of your functions or risk failure. We have lost hundreds of thousands of users, because our response time took three hundred, and we did not know how to solve the problem.

A really good feature to maintain efficiency is the landing page because it is quite cheap.
At some point, the game will offer you to buy a hosting – do it, it will be very helpful. Now, for greater efficiency, it is important to disperse your equipment. To do this, use 4U servers, overclock them up to 200% and put a small cooler on the server and maintain a balance of types of servers, while keeping them cold.

Startup Company guide - Which service to choose, recruitment, profit, advertising, response time, servers, managers, offices and much more

Our server room is equipped with high-tech air conditioners located along two long walls and in the middle – servers. This is certainly not necessary, but for the largest server room is still recommended. Only renovate the server rooms when the current room is full of machines and cooling systems.

HR managers and managers are very good, strange as it may seem, in management. They allow you to set minimum amounts for goods, and if they do not work as you need them, it is the employees who will take over.

We recommend having managers for each area: one for developers, one for leading developers, etc. This layout makes it much easier to control production, and all you have to do on a department is just to contact one manager, not two or three.

HR managers will open access to providing staff with weekends and reducing their working hours. We recommend a 7-hour working time, as this is a requirement for many employees to improve their mood.

Upgrading offices is never superfluous, as it allows you to give your employees space to easily find certain employees, and employees do not like to be intimate with others, so a good distance between them is very important. We usually have two desks (the highest possible level), facing each other with a gap of two squares from the next pair.

Startup Company guide - Which service to choose, recruitment, profit, advertising, response time, servers, managers, offices and much more

Try to reach the skyscraper as quickly as possible, because such an office has five floors, providing distance between all employees.

Follow management
The game has an integrated manual – follow it! The developer has done a great job on it, and if you stick to it and follow the advice there, we’re sure your company will be very successful.

Start of a new product
Launching a new product is always important, as you need to invest a lot of money to get it to the point where it can be released. Launching a new product is similar to launching the first one, but easier and faster.

So when is it time to start a new product? When the first option is stable, you think the product is stable, and when it brings good earnings, and all you have to do is give up all those useless contractors who offer $1.5 for a thousand displays on a multi-million website. At this point, select the next section to start adding features. The main thing to do is to move to the platform above as soon as you finish the first one. This will make hosting a new product cheaper and easier to develop.

Next come the functions, add a few more (two or three, as well as the target page), plus at least one form of making money. Then improve these features until they are about 100-150, and start selling the product. Get dedicated sellers for this product (1SE and a sales manager for each promotional feature) and direct them to look for new contractors.

Now for the merger. It’s a good way to get rid of competitors quickly and get your new products to millions of users. It’s better to go to the built-in manual for this, but to explain it in a nutshell – go to the competitor section, choose one that costs less than the amount you have, buy ALL the shares, then go to the acquisition section and merge the competitor with the product you own in the same area.

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