We decided to play Fall Guys, but the problem is that the Steam username is not displayed in Fall Guys. Or you can’t understand why the nickname was replaced with “Fall Guys ####”. In this guide we’ll tell you what to do with the PC version of Fall Guys so that the nickname and username are displayed normally.

The nickname in Fall Guys is not displayed. What should I do?

Fall Guys is a hit that was not expected by a relatively small development studio. Because of this, the servers have been badly affected, and from the moment they were launched, there were repeated problems and failures. However, the lack of user names on a PC is not an error.
Since you are free to change your display name in Steam, people have used inappropriate and offensive identifiers in the game and used this feature to break the user interface.

Except for the inconvenience of not having an actual ID, this error does not seem to cause any problems. You will still receive currency and achievements as usual. The only drawback is that you cannot have someone’s real username to hate forever when they start grabbing you when you’re right at the finish line.

As for the problems with user’s nickname in Fall Guys, this issue is easily solved, there are problems in the game. Twitter account alone has increased to more than 400 thousand followers, from them more than 350 thousand in the last week alone. The game is now free for PS Plus subscribers and has peaked at 115,000 players in the last 24 hours. Needless to say, it means that the project is very popular.

Unlike most games with so many players, Fall Guys is not an AAA product. It is made by Mediatonic, a small company that used to produce mostly mobile and web games. They had several other famous games such as Gears Pop! and Hatoful Boyfriend, but Fall Guys is definitely their most successful game at the time of launch.

The best solution is to replace your username with a common identifier in Fall Guys. The team has been quick to solve bugs and problems with the game since launch and we will probably see a solution to this problem in the next few days.

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