SteamWorld Build guide

In the hit game SteamWorld, players are tasked with constructing a thriving community in a steam-powered world. Building an efficient and well-designed city is crucial for success. In this build guide, we will provide tips and strategies to help you create the perfect SteamWorld settlement.

Starting Out

When starting a new game in SteamWorld, it’s important to plan ahead and choose the right location for your settlement. Look for areas with access to resources like water, coal, and iron ore. Additionally, consider proximity to trade routes or other towns for future expansion.

Buildings and Infrastructure

Your settlement will need various buildings and infrastructure to support its growth. Here are some key structures you should focus on:

  • Housing: Construct enough houses to accommodate your current population while leaving room for growth.
  • Mines: Set up mines near resource deposits to ensure a steady supply of materials.
  • Farms: Grow crops or raise livestock to provide food for your people.
  • Crafting Workshops: Establish workshops where citizens can create tools, weapons, or other useful items.
  • Roads: Create a well-connected road network that connects all areas of your settlement for easy access by citizens.

Economy and Trade

An efficient economy is vital for sustainability in SteamWorld. Here’s how you can establish a successful economic system:

  • Taxation: To generate revenue, impose reasonable taxes on your citizens without burdening them too much.
  • The inhabitants of your settlement should not be overburdened with taxes, but it is necessary to generate revenue for further growth and development.

  • Trade: Establish trade routes with other towns or settlements to import and export goods. This can provide extra income and access to resources not readily available in your area.
  • Expansion and Defense

    To ensure the long-term success of your settlement, it’s important to plan for expansion and defense:

    • Expand: As your population grows, expand your settlement by building additional housing, infrastructure, and facilities. Additionally, consider exploring new territories for resource acquisition.
    • Defense: In SteamWorld, threats may arise from rival settlements or creatures lurking in the wilderness. Build defensive structures like walls or guard towers to protect your people from any potential dangers.
    • Safety is paramount in SteamWorld! Be prepared for any threats that may come your way.


    By following these tips and strategies outlined in this build guide, you are on your way to creating a thriving SteamWorld settlement. Remember to prioritize efficiency, sustainability, economic stability,and protection as you construct a city that will stand the test of time.

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  2. I found this build guide for SteamWorld to be incredibly helpful. The tips and strategies provided really helped me plan and create a successful settlement. The advice on choosing the right location for my settlement was particularly useful. Overall, a great resource for anyone looking to improve their SteamWorld gameplay.

  3. As a fan of SteamWorld, I was excited to come across this build guide. It did not disappoint! The tips and strategies offered were practical and easy to follow. I especially appreciated the emphasis on building an efficient and well-designed city. This guide definitely helped me take my settlement to the next level.

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