At Stoneshard, health plays a very important role. There are three stages to health that can change your gameplay: treatment, injury and intoxication (poisoning).

How to heal

As soon as your health falls below the maximum, you should be treated urgently. You need to get out of the battle and press the R key. Your character will enter Zen and thus regain his health.

In battle, healing is more difficult because the healing process takes 6 seconds, and if the enemy attacks you (for example, 5 seconds), the treatment will start again.


After an injury to your limb or torso, your body starts to hurt, and if you don’t recover quickly, the pain can spread to your body.

Pain affects your character’s recovery – in the worst case, it can lead to death. To remove it, first fix the damaged body part with a tire. After that, your injury will soon pass.

Also, if you want to get rid of the pain completely, use painkillers. However, taking painkillers can lead to death due to poisoning.

intoxication (poisoning)

As mentioned earlier, taking painkillers, alcohol or herbs can lead to poisoning. To check your level of intoxication, simply press C on the character sheet, go to the second tab and there you will find complete information about your health for your head, body, arms and legs.

The only thing that can cure intoxication is antibiotics, as they remove all traces of poison in your body.

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