Archont is the first boss that players will encounter at Stoneshard. If you don’t kill him, you won’t be able to complete the prologue and start a full pass. The boss has powerful attacks and abilities, and after receiving damage he will turn into the Ascended Archonte.

Recommended equipment and abilities:
Fire Barrage Spell
Stone armor

Great two-handed sword

It’s best to take close combat weapons.

How to defeat Archont and the Ascended Archonte?
There are two stages in this battle: one against Archon and the other against the Ascended Archon. First, I will describe the battle against Archonte. In this stage you have to fight with two statues on either side of Archonte and some zombies.

The abilities of the left statue:

Blood puddle – marks the area and on the next move pours a puddle of boiling blood on it. The puddle lasts 2 moves.

Blood clot – triggers a blood clot on the target.

Abilities of the right statue:

Zombie – resuscitates one of the bodies in the body pile.

Ungodly Ritual – Restores all zombies 50% of their maximum health and gives them + 50% damage.

Focus on the left statue first, as it has more powerful attacks. Avoid tiles with Blood Pools while moving.

Try to get close and attack the statue. But be careful, as zombies will approach you. As soon as they get close, step aside to give yourself room for maneuver.

When the first statue is destroyed, attack the second one. This battle should be easier, especially if the zombies are on the opposite side of the room.

When both statues are defeated, the Archonte will stick a Stone Shard into his head and turn into the Ascended Archonte.

This battle will be very difficult. The boss inflicts a lot of damage, very fast and can heal himself on large parts of the health strip.

The abilities of the Ascended Archonte:

Beast spurt – Runs forward in a line of 5 tiles. The first target in his path takes 666% damage. If he encounters an obstacle, he will be stunned by 2 moves.

Swing – Impacts three adjacent tiles with a 100% chance of being thrown away.

Jump – bounces back 2 tiles or less, gets +66% chance of evasion and -33% damage on the next move.

Corpse Eater – Eats a corpse, recovering 33% of its maximum health and maximum energy reserves.

Ghost Bats – marks the area and releases a swarm of ghost bats on the next turn, dealing 26 unholy damage and putting a curse on 13 moves.

To defeat them, avoid hitting them with their abilities at all costs. Try to lure an enemy into an obstacle to stun him during his Beastly Blast. Then attack quickly. Always be prepared to dodge bats as they deal huge damage.

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