The Elder is the person responsible for all quests in the small village where you start the game. You will first hear of him from Verrena, who guides you to an Elder in the hope that you will be able to complete three tasks and receive a horse and cart. Unfortunately, Verrin does not mention where this guy is.

But Verrin says – and that’s easy to miss – that the bartender can tell you the exact location. Talk to the bartender, who will tell you that Elder Odar lives in the local village council near the market.

Stoneshard - where to find Elder Odar

Come out of the bar and go down to the market. To the right of the market will be a large building with an enclosed area with lots of chickens and roosters. Enter the building where you will see a bunch of guards sleeping in bed and sitting at the table. At the back of the room is a staircase leading to the second floor. Come up the stairs.

Stoneshard - where to find Elder Odar

On the second floor you will see the old man sitting at the table – this is Elder Odar.

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