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Welcome to the FAQ section for the Stories of Blossom! Here, we have gathered and answered some commonly asked questions about this enchanting book series. Read on to explore more about these magical stories.

What is ‘Stories of Blossom’?

‘Stories of Blossom’ is a beloved book series that revolves around a world filled with magical creatures, brave heroes, and captivating adventures. It is written by renowned author Jane Mysterious who has beautifully crafted this enchanting universe.

Who are the main characters in ‘Stories of Blossom’?

The main characters are Rosemary, a young girl with an affinity for flowers and plants, and her loyal companion Petal, a mischievous talking squirrel. Together they embark on thrilling quests in order to protect their world from evil forces and discover new magical realms along the way.

How many books are there in the series?

The ‘Stories of Blossom’ series consists currently consists of eight books:

  1. Blossoms in Spring
  2. Petal’s Adventure
  3. Mysteries of the Enchanted Forest
  4. Rosemary’s Secret Garden
  5. Journey to Fairyland
  6. Petunia’s Rescue Mission/li

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