Streets of Rage 4 added a ton of references to previous games in the series, such as iconic characters and even a special mode that turns the game graphics into 16-bit. In addition, four retro levels have been added to the game. In this guide, you’ll learn how to open them.

Streets of Rage 4 – How to unlock Retro Levels

As we wrote above, there are four retro levels in Streets of Rage 4, which you can open if you find a special arcade machine. The automatic machines are located on the following levels: second, fourth, fifth, eighth. Below you can find the exact location of each vending machine.

Second level

You can find the first arcade machine at the police station, right in front of the checkpoint. When you’re attacked by a policeman with a taser, beat him, but don’t pick up your weapon. After that, you’ll notice the open door to the room with the machine gun inside. Now pick up the stun gun and go into the room.

Level four.

The second arcade machine is on the Old Pier. You’ll notice it before you jump off the pier, so be careful. Repeat the cop again, but don’t use a stun gun before you go into the room.

Level five.

The third arcade machine is in the bar. It is difficult to miss, because it is right on the battlefield, but be careful, because it can be destroyed because of your attack or the enemy’s hook. The Shocker is under the table, to the right of the machine gun.

The eighth level.

The last, fourth, arcade machine is in storage. It can be found just before the battle with the boss, in a room filled with gold chickens. The stunner is hidden this time, but if you pay attention, you will notice a lightning icon right next to the machine.

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