In this Valheim guide, we’ve compiled tips for newcomers to help you better understand this Viking survival game.

Valheim, a cooperative Viking survival game, is in early access, and players dive in to build forts, build weapons, sail, explore the vast and mysterious open world, and fight creatures inspired by Scandinavian mythology.

Whether you play with friends online or go solo, Valheim can be a rugged and relentless survival sandbox. There’s a helpful talking crow that will prompt you when you first start, but the crow doesn’t explain everything you need to know. You may need a little more advice and knowledge, and that’s why we’ve compiled these tips for Valheim newcomers.

Here are 10 tips to help ease your first few days in Valheim.

Destroy old buildings so you can harvest wood quickly
As you explore the game world, you’ll come across small shacks and shacks in disrepair. These are a great source of wood that’s easy to collect, and you’ll need a lot of wood in Valheim.

But don’t cut down the shacks with weapons! Instead, use your craft hammer to create a workbench, drop it on the floor inside the hut, and then start destroying the building (clicking the middle mouse button as you hold the hammer will destroy the walls, floors, and roof parts). Collect all that loose wood and move on. You can completely dismantle a building in seconds and walk away with tons of wood to use for your projects.

Don’t forget to look inside these old buildings when you find them. Some have chests of loot, and others have hives from which, after destroying them, you’ll get a bee queen that you can use to build your own hive.

Improve your workbench.
There are two items on your crafting menu that are a bit misleading: a meat cutting block and a leather tanning rack. These items don’t actually work-they can’t be used to chop wood or tan leather, and that can be a little confusing. They actually upgrade your workbench.

Creating a chopping block and placing it next to your workbench will upgrade your workbench to level 2. A tanning rack will upgrade your workbench to level 3. It will also allow you to upgrade your weapons, tools, and clothing to level 2 and 3, giving your weapons more damage and for clothing a health level.

Repairing gear and weapons costs nothing
Standing at your workstation, you’ll see tabs for building and improving. But to the left of the menu is a small square image of a hammer. This is your repair tool.

Unlike most crafting games, you can’t choose a specific item to repair. Pressing the repair hammer button will simply cycle through each damaged item in your inventory and fix them one by one. However, repairs do not require resources, so click the mouse!

Each time you visit your workbench, you must click the repair button until you have repaired all of your equipment.

Swim the raft with WASD.
Sounds simple, but it wasn’t immediately clear how to steer my first raft, so here’s how it works. Find the request to use the rudder in the right rear corner of the raft and press E. Holding the rudder, pressing W will switch you to three speeds: slow (just using the rudder as an oar), medium ( the sail will be lowered halfway) and fast ( the sail will be lowered all the way). Pressing S will bring the speed back in the opposite direction. Turn the rudder with A and D. You will turn much faster with the sail up than with the sail down.

You won’t make any progress if you try to sail straight upwind, so keep an eye on the little white arrow on the minicard (which shows the wind direction) and the icons under the minicard which indicate the direction of your raft. points and where the wind is blowing from.

Also note the small ladder in the back of the boat, on the opposite side from the rudder, which you can easily climb back up if you fall off. If you are a passenger, you can hold on to the mast by looking at it and pressing E when prompted.

The boar can be tamed with mushrooms.
You may encounter a runestone that says you can befriend boars by feeding them earth roots. These are red mushrooms that can be found in the forest floor.

The only success I have had with taming a boar is getting him to chase me into the enclosure I built out of the fence and then close the gate behind him. Then I would select mushrooms from my inventory and left-click on the handle that caused the mushroom to drop inside. The boar will take a bite of the mushrooms, and you’ll see the little yellow hearts rise above him as his position toward you increases.

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