In FM 20, maintaining a positive balance can be difficult. As a football team manager, you need to ensure that the club’s finances are at the right level to allow you to acquire new players and hire additional staff.

If you manage not to overspend, the management will be beneficial to you. Unfortunately, if you spend too much money, expect criticism, and in extreme cases even dismissal from your position. Below you will find a few simple tips for beginners to help you manage your club’s budget in Football Manager 2020.

Tactics and tips for Football Manager 2020 – how to always have a lot of money in the budget

Updating contracts

Renewal of contracts is a task that needs to be dealt with personally. When you sign contracts, you have a chance to save a lot of money. Leaving it in the hands of a helper is not a good idea, because they do not negotiate very well, and when it comes to players, they may get more money than they should.

Limit the fees to unnecessary players

The best way to reduce club costs is to provide “unnecessary” players to other clubs. Thanks to this simple method – the team that receives the player will have to pay the player a fee – the money saved can be spent on other purposes.

Selling players

Players who are about to end their careers and are not suitable for playing in your club can be a profitable deal for other teams. Place these players on the market and wait for the right offer.

Organization of sparring matches

The organization of sparring matches with the best teams leads to high salaries per match. This is especially important when you are running a club from the bottom of the table and each additional income will be very important to you.

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