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Arknights - mission TR-15 guide

Arknights – mission TR-15 guide

TR-15 is the first challenging training mission that you will encounter during the Arknights. It is designed to teach players the return of deployment points. How to make the return of points to an operative? Simply select the operator you want to return, and select the “running man” icon (in the screenshot). First step First put Plume (Vanguard) in position…

Arknights guide - Classes

Arknights guide – Classes

Wanguard (wg/vanguard) Close combat operators are most likely to be able to hold 1 or 2 enemies. Usually, the defense parameter is higher than that of the Guardian, and attacks are lower. They are among the first to land on the battlefield due to their low cost and ability to quickly replenish their landing points, which allows the player to…

Arknights guide - hard mode changes

Arknights guide – hard mode changes

Level Changes for Hard Mode 0-1 No automatic increase in landing points. 0-2 Attack of all agents reduced by half 0-3 Enemy health increased 0-4 The use of shooters is prohibited 0-5 The attack rate of all enemies has been increased. 0-6 Auto-disembarkation point gain reduced by half 0-7 Magicians’ landing cost increased by 3 times 0-8 Health of all…