DLL error in Resident Evil 3
View errors: dll is missing, d3d11.dll, msvcp110.dll is not found and others. IMPORTANT: it is not recommended to download DLL files from third party sites in an attempt to replace your missing or damaged DLL files. Use this option only as a last resort.

Error on launching Resident Evil 3

Try to uninstall Visual C++.
Then install Visual C++ from the game folder: About
Touch Steam Library Select Resident Evil 3 from the list Right-click on the game and select “Properties” Select “Local Files” Select Browse Local Files … Go to _CommonRedist\vcredist If Resident Evil 3 does not start and no errors appear. If this is the first launch, then just try to wait.

Resident Evil 3 not on full screen

Press ALT+ENTER. Check the game settings (window mode, resolution, etc.). In some cases it helps to change the refresh rate (in the Nvidia Control Panel) from 60 Hz to 59 Hz (press “Apply”), and return to 60 Hz again. Another way: also in the Nvidia Control Panel go to “Adjusting the size and position of the desktop”. Click on “Restore” in the upper right corner.

Resident Evil 3 crash after launch
Try to temporarily disable the antivirus (especially with Avast!). Also check the tips in the launch errors section.

Resident Evil 3 freezes in the dispatcher.

Run Resident Evil 3 in compatibility mode with another operating system. Sometimes the problem is with the Nvidia GeForce Experience driver add-on. Disable all optimizations for the game. Gaming Evolved (Raptr) may cause problems on AMD graphics cards. Try to temporarily disable or uninstall it. If you have Nvidia Capture Service in Task Manager, try to complete the process. Complete the other processes associated with video capture. Update your video card driver. Also see “Does not start” tips.

Error Microsoft Visual C++ 2015
“The following component(s) are required to run this program: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime” Install the missing library from the Microsoft site
Error during installation of Resident Evil 3

The installation is stuck.
The path to the game must not contain Russian letters, only Latin letters. Perform hard disk check and cleaning (SATA cable replacement may help in rare cases). Try to change the installation path.

Resident Evil 3 Freeze

Frequent hangs can cause unstable system operation. Cancel overclocking of PC components if used. Perform tests on CPU, RAM, and graphics card. Specialized applications are available on the Internet in large quantities. Also see optimization tips for Resident Evil 3.

Resident Evil 3 – BSOD or “Blue Screen”

BSOD, as a rule, means some serious fault in your system that is not related to the game. The first thing to do is to check your power supply. If it overheats, it will shut down. Also, if your system does not have enough power from it, there may be various errors, including BSOD. Perform tests on other components of your PC. Various utilities can be found on the network to test memory, hard drive, and graphics card.

Black screen Resident Evil 3

Black screen as well as white screen or other colors may indicate different errors, but most often this is due to some error on the part of the video system, and less often the cause of the problem may be the RAM module. Also, cancel the overclocking of PC elements if used.

Resident Evil 3 stopped running

What changes did you make on your computer? The problem may have been caused by installing a new program. Open the list of installed programs (Start -> Installing and Deleting programs), sort by date. Delete recently installed programs. Reinstall Resident Evil 3. Also check the task manager. If you are running copies of Resident Evil 3 processes, complete them all

Increase Performance in Resident Evil 3

Follow the recommendations in order. Update the video driver. Reboot your computer. Decrease resolution and expose lower quality visual effects in graphics options. It is not recommended to use different software “accelerators”, because they also require resources of your system, and their effectiveness is mostly very low. Whereas you only risk infecting your PC. Re-installing Windows. This method should be used as a last resort when other methods have no impact. The point is that as time passes, your ‘operating system’ grows outdated files and processes so much that applications slow down noticeably.

Resident Evil 3 Not saved
The path to the game should not contain Russian letters, only the Latin alphabet.

“Insufficient memory” error.
Possible reasons: the game does not have enough RAM; there is not enough space for the paging file on the hard disk; you have adjusted the size of the paging file yourself (either you have disabled it or used software); some program causes memory leaks (open CTRL+ALT+DELETE task manager and sort applications by memory consumption).

Management in Resident Evil 3 does not work.

Remove the input device (gamepad, mouse) from the USB and insert it again. If the mouse and keyboard are not working, try turning off the gamepad and other USB devices.

Resident Evil 3 and error 0xc000007b

This application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b).
The most common cause of the 0xc000007b application startup error was a problem with NVidia drivers.

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