Temtem – MMO like Pokemon, has finally released its early PC access. In Temtem, you fight against enemy teams by meeting real players with whom you can trade or communicate. In this guide you will learn basic tips for newcomers to Temtem.

Guide and passing Temtem – tips and tricks for beginners

Check objects for lute

At Temtem it is quite difficult to get money and any items. But if you search every garbage can or crate, you can find the loot you need, because sooner or later, searching them you will find useful things.

Perform additional quests.

Temtem has canonical RPG side quests to help you with money or items. Some items will be useless for you, but, for example, Umbrella will really take your team to the next level. So keep an eye out for new additional quests and make sure you execute them.

Combine the characters

As with the Pokémon, you can breed your Temtems to combine them and get the best characteristics for your character.

Interact with other players.

In Temtem, as in the right MMORPG, you can chat or trade with other players. Open the main menu and find the Interaction tab where you will find a long list of players you can meet in the game world.

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