When choosing your Temtem it is very important to consider their level of evolution. If you suddenly missed this mechanics, it is worth noting that each Temtem can develop in certain forms, that is, increase its basic characteristics, as well as explore new abilities. In this guide you will learn everything about evolution in Temtem.

Temtem – evolution guide

Evolution in Temtem is very important mechanics, as we wrote above. So, for example, your character will change his appearance as he reaches a new level of evolution. Getting a new level of evolution requires obtaining a certain number of levels. For example, Paharo requires seven levels of evolution, so if you catch a Paharo on level five, it will become a Paharac on level 12.

Keep in mind that you can cancel the evolution process of your Temtem if you want to. To do this, click on Escape if you play on PC or on B if you play on Xbox.

Stages of evolution

Each unique Temtem has its own chain of evolution, which means that each of them can have three more forms from each initial level.

Let’s make it simple:

The first stage: the final one;
Second stage: from basic to final;
Third stage: from basic to intermediate to final.

Now you know all about evolution in Temtem.

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