The authors of Star Citizen spoke about prisons and crimes

Cloud Imperium Games has published another video, shot during the festival CitizenCon 2949. And it is about one of the aspects of space simulator Star Citizen: crimes and punishments. On a special panel, the representative of the studio explained the entire legal system of the game.

According to the laws of Star Citizen crimes are murder, sabotage, resistance to arrest, computer hacking, destruction or theft of cars, possession of illegal weapons or stolen objects, and even violation of parking rules.

Players who have committed one of the crimes, if they manage not to be shot at arrest, are temporarily deprived of all their property and transferred to prison. Prisons are managed and maintained automatically.

Imprisonment should contribute to the triumph of justice and the rehabilitation of prisoners, but, as in life, it is possible to make new acquaintances, smuggle, plan new operations or escapes in prisons. It is also possible to hide from external threats for a while.

From the 6:10 mark you can look at the prison from the inside and outside: the developers show you how to escape from places not so far away, if you have reliable friends at large. The main obstacle to escape is the limited amount of oxygen, and if you are lucky for the head of an escaped offender is assigned a reward.

However, those who wish to serve their sentences in full, and when they have enough merit, the heroes will be in the same place where they were once arrested.
Star Citizen’s total budget has recently exceeded $250 million, and the number of depositors is approaching $2.5 million.

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