The Beckoning Woman Walkthroughin Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Welcome to the Beckoning Woman Walkthrough in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom! In this guide, we will be going through all the steps you need to take to successfully complete this quest.

Step 1: Starting the Quest
To start this quest, you must first find Chiasa who resides in Hyrule Castle Town. After speaking with her, she will ask you to head over to Lake Hylia where you can find a mysterious woman who has been beckoning her.

Step 2: Journeying towards Lake Hylia
Once you reach the entrance of Lake Hylia, speak with Soran who is standing by his caravan. He will inform you that he saw a strange woman headed towards Ploymus Mountain.

Step 3: Climbing Ploymus Mountain
As soon as your feet touch upon Ploymus Mountain; equip yourself and make sure that your health meter and stamina wheel are full because there are several battles on your way up. Traverse through the path until finally reaching a cave at its peak.

Step 4: Entering The Cavern
Enter into the caverns and navigate through it until you come across an ancient statue in front of three doors. Each door requires solving puzzles or battling enemies before advancing closer to reaching closer into finding out about ‘The Beckoning Woman’

Step 5: Solving The Door Puzzle
In order for one passage door puzzle get solved, push all three blocks onto their corresponding switch marks arranged likewise on either side of pedestals leading towards other rooms

Step 6: Facing Moblins Clansmen Battle
After gaining passage into one room crawling with Moblins Clansmen amongst whom was their leader “Moblins King”, defeat them all learning new moves from different hidden stations.

Step7 : Searching For Writings About The Woman At A Library
Escape from cave approaching closest library situated at base of mountain gleaning detailed information about the Beckoning Woman through books and maps.

Step 8: Returning to Hyrule Castle Town
Return to Chiasa informing her of your findings; opening up more storyline mysteries.

Congratulations on completing The Beckoning Woman walkthrough! We hope this guide was helpful in leading you towards successfully finishing this quest.

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  3. I loved this walkthrough! It was very well-written and easy to understand. The author did an excellent job of explaining each step in detail, which made completing the quest a lot easier. I also appreciated the helpful hints and tips throughout the guide. Overall, a fantastic resource for any Zelda player!

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