The Best Aliens: Dark Descent Fan Theories

Aliens: Dark Descent is a widely-loved science-fiction movie, released in 1986. It is the sequel of Alien which was released in 1979 and it follows the story of Ellen Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) who returns to planet LV-426 with a squad of marines to destroy the alien race that killed her crew and nearly killed her.

Over the years, fans have speculated about various aspects of Aliens: Dark Descent including the backstories of certain characters, hidden meanings in certain scenes and even why certain events occurred. Below are some fan theories that explore some elements of this iconic sci-fi film:

1) The true reason for Newt’s nightmares
In Aliens: Dark Descent, young girl Newt shares with Lieutenant Gorman how she survived while on planet LV-426. A theory suggest that her nightmares are not just about witnessing deaths but rather they stem from sexual abuse by Burkes during their stay at Hadley’s Hope. That could explain why she avoided men on-screen: She didn’t let anyone comfort or touch her after they arrived at Hadley’s Hope.

2) The true agenda behind sending Burke
Some theories suggest that Burke had an ulterior motive for being part of this mission beyond a mere business deal. A potential explanation is suggested when he tells Ripley he will make sure his specie exists as “a dominant species”. Therefore it be speculated whether Burke was sent specifically to acquire and study alien eggs so as to eventually weaponize them or use them for human experimentation in order to create better soldiers.

3) Was Bishop working against his own people?
Many fans believe Bishop might have intentionally misinterpreted orders from Earth command; believing what ultimate goal shouldn’t just be to save humans trapped on planet LV-426 but preserve data and specimens instead without risk/sacrifice lives.. This explains why Bishop seems less focused on evacuating humans from Hades Hope, instead putting emphasis on collecting samples of the aliens and understanding the creatures.

4) The Aliens may be a biological weapon
Another popular fan theory is that the Aliens are a biological weapon that was created by an unknown race. These aliens were meant to infect certain species and breed rapidly in order to wipe out entire civilisations deemed hostile. This would make sense given how adaptable and swift they seem to be at eliminating people without leaving a trace behind.

5) There Was No Hive On LV-426
There is no solid proof shown in the movie that there is actually an existing hive on LV-426. It’s possible that because they needed only one surviving specimen from their mission, Lt Gorman could never fully confirm it was actually there and instead assumed based on hearsay after his landing.

The above mentioned are just few examples among large set of other theories perhaps not as elegantly woven into debunking or backing up theories expounded.. but such mysteries only add more depth to Aliens: Dark Descent allowing fans unique perspectives to keep film alive almost 35 years later!

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3 responses to “The Best Aliens: Dark Descent Fan Theories”

  1. The characters in Aliens: Dark Descent were well-developed and the chemistry between them was believable. I especially liked the relationship between Ripley and Newt, which added an emotional depth to the movie. The suspenseful moments kept me on the edge of my seat.

  2. I have been a fan of the Alien franchise for a long time and Aliens: Dark Descent is definitely one of my favorites. The sequel did not disappoint and I loved how it expanded on the story of the first movie. The action scenes were intense and the special effects were impressive for its time.

  3. Aliens: Dark Descent is a timeless classic that still holds up today. The themes of survival and motherhood are still relevant and the movie

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