The right character to start at Battle Breakers, is very important. Since this is the first decision you make after you’ve completed your training, it can be your deciding factor. You need to choose one of the three unique characters you’ve played and it’s really not easy. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide with tips to help you find the best character to start the game with.

At the very beginning of the game, you have only 3 heroes – Tessa, Laric, and May. Each of them shows a unique skill in different categories, but which one is better? We have prepared this handy guide to help you choose.
Best starting character
Each hero has 3 types of skills: Special Skill, Passive Skill and Team Skill. All 3 heroes can also launch reflex attacks or defensive movements that do different things. So, let’s look at these functions in each of our starting characters.

Tessa Trueshot

Tessa is the Archer who owns the Water Element. Like other archers, she deals heavy damage to her enemies and also inflicts explosive damage. You can buy it from evolution.

  • Special skill: Multishot (6 times 50% Attack each)
  • Passive skill: Boss killer (25% more attack damage from bosses)
  • Commander’s skill: Battle Gear (20% Attack to the team)
  • Reflex Attack: 15% chance of double strike (performs another attack of any type)
  • Reflex DEF: 10% chance of evasion (avoid attack completely, ignoring all negative effects)

It can do a lot of damage to single targets, good enough in the most difficult fights with bosses because of its status as a boss killer. This makes it sound perfect until you decide that it will have to fight against enemies who have an advantage over it.

Laric Grey Wolf

Laric is a warrior class hero at Battle Breakers, so he has a ton of health, but he doesn’t do too much damage. His goal is to help other heroes survive by helping you behave from the front. You can buy this hero by going through the levels.

  • Special skill: Power Strike (300% Attack increases and ignores the Reflex DEF target. Also increases your team’s DEF by 16% of its maximum health for the next 1 shot.)
  • Passive skill: Stonewall (Lock successfully gives your block a chance to increase 15% in 5 moves. Also increases the Attack by 100% block chance)
  • Commander’s skill: + 20% chance to block the team
  • Reflex ATK: 20% critical shock (double damage)
  • Reflex DEF: Combo (25% chance for block, 25% chance for interception)

Larry’s shield skills and survivability in battle make him a great addition to your team. His promotion ensures that your heroes will hit less.

The best character to start at Battle Breakers. Guidebook and passing tips

We recommend choosing Larry as your starting character. He’s a good choice for a beginner, but until you get more heroes on your team, you should stick to the one who does the most damage.


May is a magician who can control spells and inflict AOE damage on his enemies. She starts with double mana compared to other novice heroes, but does much less damage and has less health.
Even so, its control effects can help you in certain battles.

  • Special skill: Fireball (250% attack on a target / additional 188% Attack on the area around the target. Destroys crystals and forms fire terrain on 12 moves.)
  • Passive skill: Phoenix Uprising (50% reduced resurrection moves)
  • Commander’s skill: + 15% of special Attack skill
  • Reflex ATK: 30% chance Power Surge allows you to additionally attack all enemies
  • Reflex DEF: 15% chance to repel the attack back to the enemy

Mei’s poor health and lack of basic damage don’t make her the best starting choice, but her ability to recover Manu can make up for it.

Which hero to choose

Each of the heroes is different, but we’ll stick to Tessa. You need someone who can do a lot of damage at an early stage, at least until you get more heroes on your list.

She’s perfect for this because of her status as a Boss Killer. This compensates for her lack of constant advantage. Her commander’s skill is the best of the three and gives impulse to your whole team.

Even so, you can choose the one that is more convenient for you. You can definitely work with this hero for a while, and as your collection of heroes grows, you can still get a diversified and well-balanced team.

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