MMORPG games still gather huge crowds of people from all over the world. Obviously, the leading positions are occupied by their free versions, mainly because of their popularity in Asian markets, but it seems that this year’s trend, namely cross-platform multiplayer, including mobile devices, will continue with renewed vigour in 2020. Welcome to our top of the list “Best MMORPGs of 2020 to come”.

The best MMORPGs of 2020, which are worth waiting for!

For this reason, there are already many games with tablet and smartphone support on this list. Of course, AAA projects will still be available only on PCs and consoles, but do not neglect the impact of mobile devices on the development of MMORPG in the foreseeable future.

Crimson Desert

Developer: Pearl Abyss

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release date: N/A

This is a fantasy open-world MMORPG created by Pearl Abyss as the new flagship after Black Desert Online. The project is created with the use of a new game engine, which will surprise even the fans of BDO.

Crimson Desert leverages the best ideas and experiences gained during the creation of Black Desert Online, which was a huge success in many markets and platforms.

Crimson Desert’s events unfold on a continent divided into three regions, which are the basis of the conflict between mercenaries and the monarchy. This is not a prequel or sequel to Black Desert Online, but the games have one universe. Gamers will have access to krafting, large-scale battles, trading and the creation of their own clans in a team with other people.

Bless Unleashed

Developer: Round 8

Platforms: Xbox One, PC

Release date: N/A

Free fantasy MMORPG on Unreal Engine 4. An unusual combat system is expected, including a special slope on the types of evasion and its detailed adjustment. There will be several PvP modes, as well as joint PvE missions.

At the moment, the game has five different classes of heroes. However, this number may increase with time, as the developers plan to support the game with regular updates.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Developer: LEVEL-5

Platforms: Mobile devices

Release date: N/A

Also known as Second Country: Cross Worlds, it is a by-product of the famous Ni No Kuni video game series. One of its main features is the magnificent anime stylistics.

But the main thing is a social system called “Kingdom”, which will allow you to create and develop your own guild and cooperate (or compete) with other players.

You can also collect and teach Imazen spirits and then send them on a journey through the Godfatherly worlds.

World of Dragon Nest

Developer: Eyedentity Games

Platforms: Mobile devices, PC

Release date: 8 January 2020

Cross-platform MMORPG for PC and mobile devices, which is a continuation of Dragon Nest. It is a full-fledged game with an open world and full freedom of movement, unlike the first Dragon Nest, with many available professions, such as fishing, agriculture, craft, etc.

There is also a 200-player PvP mode that allows players to create four different teams of 50 characters each. But there will also be raids with bosses, as well as invariable combat “nontarget”.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Developer: WOLCEN Studio

Platforms: Personal computers

Release date: January 2020

This is an MMORPG with hack’n’slash, developed on CryEngine 3 with procedurally generated locations. This project was fully funded as part of the Kickstarter campaign.

The Wolcen world covers four square kilometers, most of which are underground. In addition, the game will have an interesting “Dungeon Challenge” mode, in which players fight hordes of monsters and other living people in PvPvE format.

The “Umbra” combat system is similar in some ideas to Magicka. For example, players can lure monsters into the water and use an electric charge to kill them. Also, several types of minigames and a large number of hidden missions are expected.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Developer: SEGA

Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Release date: N/A

The game, which was previously available exclusively in Japan, will finally be released worldwide in 2020.

The essence of it is really simple. Players are focused on performing quests, raiding dungeons and wasting time studying the procedurally-generated locations.

There are nine basic classes, as well as a system of basic and subclasses, which allows you to configure the character in detail.

Dynamic weather system will influence your ability to kill mobiles and protect yourself, which sounds very interesting. Also, Phantasy Star Online 2 gives players the opportunity to build their own house and furnish it to their liking.

Moonlight Blade

Developer: Aurora Workshop

Platforms: Personal computers

Release date: N/A

Another promising MMORPG with a strong focus on martial arts. The game is similar to Blade & Soul, but for a wider audience. And according to the developers, its world is 18 times bigger than in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Here, players are given the choice of one of the heroes in eight classes. Each of them has a unique storyline and combat system. Moonlight Blade pays great attention to the PvP mode, which focuses on the conflict between the factions.

The fight itself is a simultaneous use of both the “target” and “non” systems, and many animations were created with the help of real masters of martial arts.

Project BBQ

Developer: SEGA

Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Release date: N/A

This MMORPG uses Unreal Engine 4 as the basis. The project offers a new fantasy universe, eight characters to choose from and a “non target” combat system.

The world is divided into dungeons and other adventure zones that can be accessed from cities and towns that serve as hubs. Some of the characters were transferred from Dungeon Fighter Online, while others were created from scratch.

According to game director Yoon Myung Jin, the BBQ project was inspired by many console projects, combining elements of Monster Hunter and Devil May Cry.

Gran Saga

Developer: NPIXEL

Platforms: Mobile devices, PC

Release date: N/A

The future of MMORPG from the creators of Seven Knights. Players will explore a huge world and try to save the kingdom from the curse of the dragon. The developers plan to focus on epic narration with many minor stages as they go through.

And though it is initially a mobile game, it was created on Unreal Engine 4 and hopefully will look as good on mobile devices as on PC.


Developer: Inferna Limited

Platforms: Mobile devices, PC

Release date: N/A

The new independent MMORPG, which is available as part of Steam’s early access from 6 December 2019. The final release is scheduled for 2020, and there is no more precise date yet.

The game offers four classes of heroes: magician, warrior, murderer and semi-demon. Each class has its own fighting style. Players will have to explore the world of Pangeu and protect one of its kingdoms from the enemy state.

The project will include many dungeons in which to make raids, and all this research will be actively supported by various elements of the narrative of the common history.

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