With so many furs in the MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries, it can be difficult for new players to choose the best robots and bellows during the game. Which ones are better to take and which ones are better to sell. The game has four different classes with their own style of play, armor set, variety of weapons and speed. Therefore, we have compiled this small guide that will help the beginner to choose the right fur for you.

MechWarrior 5 has four different fur classes. Each of them has its own role in the squad, or “Spear”. The spear has four slots that you can fill with four furs of your choice. The only limitation is that you have a maximum of “Deployable tonnage” for each mission. This sets a limit on the maximum total weight of all the furs in the mission, which means that you can’t just climb to a tiny base using a whole squad of massive Stalker attack robots. Each fur also has a number of options, each of which has different types of weapon slots. There is not enough information to list each option for each type of fur, but we have statistics such as speed and weight.

The best robots and mechs in MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries.

The first thing you need to know about weapons is that some types of weapons cannot be mounted on smaller furs. For example, you can’t have a “Flea” particle projector packing cannon that can be equipped with heavier furs like the Battlemaster. The second thing you need to know is that the weapon types are color-coded:

Blue: Energy weapons are infinite ammunition, but weaker than ballistic weapons.
Yellow: Missile weapons are a lot of ammunition, but they have a limited range and require you to hit the target in order to hit them safely.
Purple: Ballistic weapons deal decent damage and can be released from a distance, but have less ammunition than missile weapons.
Red, an AMS weapon, is designed specifically to destroy enemy missiles.

To find out more about each fur category, follow the links below:

Light Mechs
Medium fur
Heavy Mechs
Assault Mechs

The best lightweight bellows in MechWarrior 5

Lightweight bellows in MechWarrior 5 are usually fast support units in your spear. They are usually used to irritate larger enemy furriers by hitting a pot or destroying enemies that aren’t furs, to allow your spear to concentrate on more dangerous enemies. You have eleven different Light Mech models, each with its own options for changing its characteristics and equipment slots. Suggested varieties:

Commandos – 25 tons
Firestarter – 35 tons
Flea – 20 tons
Spear – 30 tons
Jenner, 35 tons.
Locusts – 20 tons
Panther – 35 tons
Crow – 35 tons
Spider – 30 tons
Urbanmeh – 30 tons
Wolfhound – 35 tons

As for which ones are usually pilot, provided you have a reliable spear filled with heavier furs, I would go for a faster fur, which can be a little bit better to molest enemy forces, moving around the map and performing any task, which they can, Any fur with a speed of more than 97.2 km/h is perfect, but at their nominal speeds Jenner, Locust and Spider have higher maximum speeds and, thus, a little better stick to the slower furs, running around them. They sacrifice a little firepower or armor for this extra speed.

Panthers and Ravens are slower than average, but usually have more armor to compensate. I also have a weakness for Volkodav, which, although slightly slower, can be equipped with more laser weapons. In fact, the only light fur that does not seem to be as effective is Urbanmech. It is incredibly slow compared to any other light fur due to the fact that its armor rating is slightly higher. It is as slow as the Annihilator – the slowest Assault Mechanic – so I would try to avoid the Urbanmeks if possible.

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