In our next Immortal Fenyx Rising Guide we have collected the best skills and divine powers, which we recommend to pump both beginner and professional player.

In Immortals Fenyx Rising there are many different skills to choose from, as well as several Divine Forces. In this tutorial we will look at some of the best skills that are worth pumping for Haron coins, a resource you will need to improve your various abilities.

We’ll start with the Divine Powers, and then move on to the skills, but keep in mind that this is just a recommendation, you should always choose what you like best, and what fits your style of play.

Divine Powers

We suggest unblocking all the powers of God. They are all useful in their own way, but some of them are worth investing more than others.

The wrath of Ares
Ares’ Anger is one of the best abilities in the game, especially if you improve it completely. It will deal huge damage over the area, throw smaller enemies into the air and quickly stun anything you get caught. We suggest you get all three improvements for this ability.

Athena Attack
Jerk of Athena – a fantastic ability to deal damage to enemies, and quickly move in an intense battle. If you fight some of the later Sanctuaries in the game, you can improve this ability to become immune to laser damage during it.

The Power of Hercules
When you fight against flying bosses, there is a significant improvement in Heracles’ strength. Hercules leap will allow you to clash with flying enemies, getting you within reach of the sword and giving you the chance to inflict great damage. Hard life is mandatory for some Sanctuaries, as it will make your life much easier when you carry heavier objects, rather than pushing them.

Skills and abilities
Improved dodging
Although all the improvements in Dodge skills are important, you can avoid resetting the animation after three evasions in a later game.

Air Dodge
You can find Air Dodge under your Jump skills. This is vital, as the combo may end up being born in the air while the enemy is about to attack. Instead of floating there and eating damage, you will be dodged.

Power Strike Finisher
This will give you a second finish with three strikes for your main sword combo, which goes very well with armor and weapons that give bonuses to the finishing damage. The Finisher also amazes big enemies and returns half of his endurance reserve.

Attack with a sword and an axe
The ability to instantly attack during the Sprint is extremely useful, as you can enter the battle and instantly cause a lot of damage and restore your endurance. The more endurance you have, the more abilities you can use.

The shooter will give you 100% additional damage to head shots from your bow, which you can’t sniff.

Slip Increase
This allows you to move faster, using less endurance, and is an excellent improvement on the map.

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