Most of the weapons in Nioh 2 fall out randomly, so there may be great or even better starting weapons that I just haven’t found in my path. Also, by the end of the game you open up missions in the dojo that reward you with excellent weapons of each type – I won’t list them as a kind of spoiler, and it’s obvious that many of them are the coolest. But I’m more about the start.

The best weapon in Nioh 2 – what you can choose to shank your enemies…

Best katana in Nioh 2


Tokagemaru is probably the most common yokai weapon that you will find in the game, and it’s good. Like all Yokai weapons, it will be filled with a spoilage element that causes additional damage to enemies.

They often go with additional bafes to your basic attack for hand-to-hand killing, among other bonuses…


This is my personal favorite weapon. Although his overall bonuses are mostly weak, Raikiri makes up for it by having a powerful potential to fill with the Lightning element that slows enemies down.

Slowing down is very, very strong against many enemies in Nioh 2, so Raikiri will surely serve you well.

Sokhaya Tsurugi:

For those wearing heavy armour, Sokhaya Zurugi, along with increasing your life and ki, gives you big buffs for close combat damage, and reducing damage makes it a strong armour set. Not to mention the 30% chance of getting a free Elixir every time you use it.

The best pair of swords in Nioh 2.

Weathered Bone & Bleached Twig:

Weathered bone is similar to Tokagemara in that it is a conventional yokai weapon. If you use Double Swords, it’s a good choice.

Seki Dual Uchigatana:

As for the beauty of combat, look at Seki Dual Uchigatana. The Dual Swords’ fast attack speed creates combos, which is useful against strong enemies of Yokai.

Wow and Nagamei Masamune:

You get these weapons pretty late in the game, but they are part of the Multitude of Hopes set, which increases your damage in close combat and automatically restores your health when it gets low.

Be sure to keep it in the background!

Best Spears in Nioh 2

The spear of Realmtaker:

The Realmtaker Spear is part of the Heroic Raging Bull set, which is a worthy choice for heavy armor users. Only a few parts of the set give bonuses to life, damage and melee damage, with automatic health recovery effect, the more parts you equip.

Matasa’s Long Spear:

However, if you are a true Copy Fan, you will most likely choose Mataza’s Long Spear, which is included in the Master Copy set at the end of the game. This significantly increases your damage from the Spear, applying numerous improvements to your attacks, and also increases your maneuverability.

Best Axes in Nioh 2

The axe of Remen Sukuna:

Try the Ryomen Sukna axe. It often has a decent ability, so you can equip any character.

He usually gives cool debunks on enemies that increase her damage level.

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