The best weapon in The Outer Worlds

In The Outer Worlds, the best weapon, as right, belongs to the category of unique. These are rare and powerful weapons that are hidden in various parts of Algio. They are capable of giving you a serious advantage in combat, and therefore they should be kept in their inventory.

Unique weapon has preset modes that you can’t change. However, you can still improve this weapon to make it even more powerful. Most of these deadly weapons have a special feature, such as the unusual type of spontaneous damage, which instantly makes it stand out from the gray mass. Usually, it simply causes more damage.

In this guide, we will tell you where to find all the unique weapons in The Outer Worlds. Note that it can be awarded for side quests, purchased from merchants or knocked out of elite opponents. We also advise you to take a closer look at the scientific weapon, which has unusual effects.

Emerald Vale
Blad on Stick
Type: Two-handed close combat weapon
Damage: 41
Damage per minute: 2133
Special effect: Bleeding

You can find it in a marauder camp northwest of Edgewater. Kill the leader of the bandits to get weapons. The desired location will be noted after receiving the quest “Fist of Justice”. It is possible that the leader will not appear until you take the necessary task.

An old friend
Type: Heavy weapons
Damage: 30.
Damage per minute: 16,650
Special effect: knocked down

You’ll find it in the Primal Nest. Look for it near a dead body in the canyon area.

Type: Long guns
Damage: 17×10
Damage per minute: 12,600
Special effect: rollover

Constable Reyes wears it in Edgewater. Kill the appropriate character or steal weapons from him.

Type: Single-handed close combat weapon
Damage: 53.
Damage per minute: 7,852
Special effect: stunned

The weapons are in the Geothermal Station. Examine the body of the security chief.

Type: Single-handed close combat weapon
Damage: 63
Damage per minute: 9,180
Special effect: stunned

Sold for 3,000 bits at one of Edgewater’s stores.

Five (Fiver)
Type: light weapons
Damage: 70.
Damage per minute: 5,676
Special effect: rollover

Sold by barter merchant Stefan at the Botanical Lab.

Long Ranger
Type: Long guns
Damage: 90
Damage per minute: 4320
Special effect: knocked down
Grace from the Botanical Lab wears this weapon. Kill her or just steal the weapon using the Pocket Theft skill.

Plate cutter
Type: Two-handed close combat weapon
Damage: 53.
Damage per minute: 2880
Special effect: Bleeding

Once in the area of interest, walk along the bottom ledge of the landing site. The gun is on the mouth of the water.

Salvager’s Helper
Type: light weapons
Damage: 32 x 6
Damage per minute: 8,361
Special effect: Bleeding

Sold for 6,000 bits at the Gladys store. Incredibly powerful gun.

Type: Heavy weapons
Damage: 38.
Damage per minute: 8,526
Special effect: stunned

It’s worn by Captain MacReadd in the ship’s Back Bays. He is the first enemy you’ll meet and talk to when you take the elevator!

Type: Single-handed close combat weapon
Damage: 82.
Damage per minute: 12,859
Special effect: Bleeding

Can be found on a GB-23 (Relay GB-23) transponder during the Quest of Quiet Voices, which is given by a woman from the Pioneer’s Engineering Service standing in front of the captain’s office. Inspect Frey’s body in the center of the station.

Irion’s flint
Type: light weapons
Damage: 44 x 2
Damage per minute: 9,401
Special effect: knocked down

He’s the captain of Irion after he was rescued from Scylla. You must pass the quest “On guard of health”.

Type: light weapons
Damage: 40
Damage per minute: 8,100
Special effect: corrosion

The energy pistol you get for making the “Vulcan Hammer” quest in Roses. Successfully return the weapon schemes to Orson. Wait a while, and he will contact you through the ROV on “Hopeless”. Go back to the character and you will get this powerful gun.

Rapti-Prod Reminder
Type: Two-handed close combat weapon
Damage: 110
Damage per minute: 7,719
Special effect: no

Could be found in the premises of the Secret Lab. It lies on one of the four tables. You will enter this lab during the “Disaster Alert” quest.

Type: Long guns
Damage: 60
Damage per minute: 14,424
Special effect: knocked down

Located inside the C3 barracks, on the Devil’s Peak. Talk to Bertold Fox inside the building and then use his key card to open the locker behind him.

Type: Long guns
Damage: 39 x 8
Damage per minute: 17,640
Special effect: stunned

Can be taken from the dead body of an iconoclast physician lying in the Terra One Publication building, located in an abandoned settlement west of Stellar Bay. Take the Quest “Urgent to Room”.

Supper Time
Type: Single-handed close combat weapon
Damage: 75.
Damage per minute: 9,067
Special effect: Bleeding

Stuck in a corpse lying in a locked room upstairs in Mather’s residence. You will enter this room in the quest “Homeland Secrets”, which is given by Velma, the warehouse manager at Stellar Bay.

No Rapti-Don’t
Type: Heavy weapons
Damage: 77.
Damage per minute: 41,880
Special effect: rollover

You can find it on a corpse located in a location called Hero’s Last Stand. This place is located north of the Sulfur Pits. The body lies on a giant pile behind Mega Raptidon.

The Candy Cane
Type: Two-handed close combat weapon
Damage: 37.
Damage per minute: 2147
Special effect: ignition
Can be found in the Cascadia Bridge Safehouse. Take the elevator down to the bridge – you need to break into Cascadia’s door to get to the bridge. In the room below you will see a character who uses the weapons you need.

A blueberry gun (Purpleberry Launch)
Type: Heavy weapons
Damage: 80
Damage per minute: 10,627
Special effect: ignition

Maybe found in Cascadia. Enter the apartment on the second floor to the left of the fallen “Bottling Plant” sign. The weapon is in the sink.

Anti-Manti Ray
Type: Long guns
Damage: 62 x 3
Damage per minute: 12,253
Special effect: knocked down
Could be found in the Mantisaur Lair’s Den. The desired location is west of the Fallbrook intersection. The weapon is hidden in a pile of bones protected by a giant monster.

The Hammer of Olympus
Type: Two-handed close combat weapon
Damage: 167.
Damage per minute: 10,500
Special effect: stunned

It can be found at the Sundered Rock location. The rock is located on a ledge to the east of Devil’s Peak Summit.

The Exterminator
Type: light weapons
Damage: 144.
Damage per minute: 17,280
Special effect: rollover

Sold for 6600 bits by Winston Forsythe in the Estates District.

Pink Slip
Type: Long guns
Damage: 236
Damage per second: 473
Special effect: execution

Sold for 8000 bits by Winston Forsythe in the Estates District.

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