The cart in Valheim is a great way to transport large amounts of heavy resources over long distances. In this guide you will learn how to make a cart in Valheim and why you need one.

If you’ve been playing Valheim for a long time, you may have encountered an awful weight limit on your character. For long resource expeditions you’ll need some sort of mobile storage, luckily Valheim has a cart for that.

How to Make a Cart
To make a wagon, the player will need to acquire a deer antler pickaxe. The pickaxe is crafted from hard antler, which you can get after killing the first boss.

Then you’ll also need a smelter and forge to do the job. And of course to build a cart in Valheim, you’ll need to unlock the recipe.

How to get a cart recipe
Follow the instructions below to unlock the cart recipe in Valheim and build your own mobile warehouse.

Mine tin and copper with a horn pickaxe.

Melt 1 tin with 2 coppers to get bronze.

Make 20 bronze nails. This unlocks the cart recipe.

Assemble 20 regular wooden boards.

To build a cart in Valheim, open the Miscellaneous tab in Build Mode. Select the cart and left-click to place it in the desired location.

Now that the cart is built, your life in Valheim will be easier if you know how to use it.

How to use the cart in Valheim
Once you have finished building your first cart in Valheim, it is important to understand that this cart can be damaged and even destroyed. This information may come in handy when you leave your shelter on a long expedition for resources.

To use the cart in Valheim, simply walk up to the pull bar and press “E” as the default key for “Use Cart. This will cause the player to pull the cart behind him.

You can use the cart storage to store large amounts of materials. Using “Ctrl + Left Click” you can access the cart storage without lowering the cart, while passing full stacks of materials.

Yes, you can also drag other players in the cart if you feel like taking a ride.

The cart is an incredibly useful tool in Valheim. It helps you gather enough materials to build a base without having to go back to gather resources again.

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