The Complete Atlas Fallen Storyline Walkthrough

The Atlas Fallen storyline is one of the key features of the popular sci-fi game, Destiny 2. It is well-known for its challenging missions and intriguing plot that keeps players engaged throughout the gameplay. If you’re new to Atlas Fallen or having trouble progressing in the game, then this complete walkthrough guide will help you achieve success.

Chapter One: The Red War
The Red War is where your journey in Atlas Fallen begins. After playing an intriguing opening cutscene, you will start with your first mission on Earth’s European Dead Zone (EDZ). This easy mission acts as a tutorial where guardians acquaint themselves with various combat mechanics such as grenade throwing, weapon handling and jumping.

Once done with this introductory mission, players proceed to further challenges that serve as a path to unlock planets such as Titan, Nessus and IO. These missions vary greatly in difficulty but completing them accumulates experience points which are fundamental for unlocking new skills and other upgrades.

Chapter Two: Curse Of Osiris Expansion
Released after the successful completion of Destiny 2 campaign ‘Red War.’ Curse Of Osiris introduces two key characters – eccentric inventor Osiris and his former disciple Sagira who players must team up with to find out what happened on Mercury – a planet missing from maps since humanity confederacy days.

Players traverse through a number of interesting locations before reaching Mercury’s mysterious Infinite Forest where they encounter Vex- beings led by Panoptes mind construct. To vanquish them they must utilize special time traveling technology called Gatekeepers’ orbs that allow them passage through dimension barriers which comprise Vex network defense systems.

Despite its small size, the Curse Of Osiris expansion holds major significance because it addresses issues brought up within previous Destiny content concerning fan-favorite character- Osiris’ whereabouts since he vanished prior to majority events depicted within Destiny universe happenings

Chapter Three: Warmind Expansion
Warmind expansion introduces Ana Bray – defender of humanity stationed on Mars. Bray character hails from one of the most popular Destiny fan theories around Golden Age and Clovis Bray Corporation lore.

Upon meeting Ana, players embark on the latest adventure to thwart Hive army led by controversial Warmind Rasputin before they launch an attack on humanity with their newly acquired satellite weapon. Alongside new characters, players encounter new creatures like nanite infected Hive that morph into frozen crystalline beings once defeated.

This expansion also introduces Escalation Protocol – a six-round public event where guardians take up a fighting position against waves of Hive forces while facing challenging bosses at each round end.

Chapter Four: Forsaken Expansion
Last but best expansion in game- Forsaken- starts with Cayde 6’s death scene who is notorious among gamers for his humor, sass defiance towards authority figures. He dies executing a covert op to keep one of The Taken’s powerful leaders imprisoned within isolated area called The Prison Of Elders,

Once freed from prison by Uldren Sov – Prince of Awoken faction, these powerful leaders caused wreak havoc assassinating Cayde and terrorizing the universe- setting forth your task as guardian to seek vengeance against them all.

The gameplay expands adding many exciting things including Gambit – co-op PvP and PvE mode that allows players ability to invade opposing team’s arena for brief periods without having any warning .

In conclusion,
Atlas Fallen is an amazing game filled with thrills, action-packed experiences and funny jokes along the way. Follow this complete walkthrough guide closely and master these missions with ease!

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  1. This walkthrough guide is a must-read for any Destiny 2 player. The author does an excellent job of breaking down each chapter and providing valuable tips and strategies to help players progress through the game. I particularly appreciated the detailed explanations of the different weapons and gear that can be used in each mission.

  2. As a new player to Destiny 2, I found this guide to be extremely helpful in navigating the Atlas Fallen storyline. The step-by-step instructions and screenshots made it easy for me to follow along and understand what I needed to do in each mission. I highly recommend this guide to anyone who wants to improve their gameplay.

  3. This walkthrough guide is a game-changer for any Destiny 2 player looking to master the Atlas Fallen storyline. The author provides comprehensive information on each mission, including the objectives, enemies, and boss battles. The guide also includes helpful tips on how to level up your character and acquire the best weapons and gear. Overall, I found this guide to be an essential resource for any serious Destiny 2 player.

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