Sony and Microsoft consoles are both doing well, which is good for everyone. Equal competition normally brings excellent results and different approaches. The famous idea of a “console war” is not going anywhere, but the industry’s perception of the concept seems to be changing by the year. As a result, it is typical for gamers to wonder who is winning the sales race. 

It is great that Sony and Microsoft released their sales figures, making it easier to determine the winners. They also released earning reports, giving us a perfect overview of how each company’s next generation is progressing. The reports suggest that both companies are doing well even though one seems to be doing better than the other. 

You should also expect brand loyalists to pledge allegiance to products as competition heats up. So, Are Sony and PS5 winning the Console War? Read on to find out.

How is PlayStation doing?

Sony recently published a comprehensive earnings report showing that it had sold over 7 million PS5s by the end of March 2021. In essence, that means that numbers could be higher when they factor in whatever is sold in April. This seems like an enormous number, but what does it really show?

When you look at PS4 sales, it sold slightly more than 7.6 million copies in its first five months of retail availability. That means that the PS5 has already sold more than the PS4 so far.  This is a significant trend to note if you consider that the PS4 eventually sold more than 100 million units. At the moment, it only trails the PS2 for being the best-selling PlayStation console ever.  But with so many units out there, gamers should also be aware of how much bacteria is on an average console and take necessary action. 

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Another critical factor to note is that PS4 was not released in Japan until around four months after its Western launch. Theoretically, this implies that the PS4 would have sold more units it was released worldwide simultaneously like the PS5. 

When you compare these sales records to Nintendo Switch, the numbers could be a little weird when you factor in the release dates and circumstances surrounding their launches. However, according to reports, approximately 7.6 million Switch units were sold during the first five months of its release. Even though the difference is small enough to create a considerable error margin, it looks like PS5 may be technically doing better than the Switch so far. As things stand, the PS5 is on course to set hardware sales records. 

Did you know?

One interesting fact about the record sales is that the PS5 is not primarily directly responsible for PlayStation’s success. As a matter of fact, Sony has revealed that they are selling the PS5 at a loss! While this might be standard practice for new consoles, it also shows that just like other companies, Sony depends on software sales and micro transactions for their enormous profits currently. Nevertheless, PS5 is still proving to be a sales powerhouse despite scalpers, shortages, and the fact that the console was released amid a global health crisis. 

PS5 was the clear winner of the 2020 worldwide popularity stakes. Compared to its competitors, the PS5 took up to 65% of the global market share. The closest competitor was the Xbox with 35%. However, this gap could tighten in the coming days if you consider historical trends. 

Even though PS5 experienced success on a global scale, the US remained one of the challenging markets for the console. Studies reveal that the PS5 got around 49.8% of the American market. The same cannot be said for Japan, which is unsurprisingly fascinated by the PlayStation. In the console’s hometown, it enjoys a 98% market share. The console is also doing well in Europe, where it enjoys over 80% of the market in big markets like the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Belgium. The UK is another area where it takes around 54% of the market share. 

In 2021, PS5’s popularity is projected to rise as it turns in favor of American gamers. But, Microsoft is also set to give them a run for their money, making the duel very interesting. 

Sony’s Unique Approach

The difference boils down to the approach. Sony has successfully established various top-class game studios. Its strategy involves starting small and methodically building them up. The company works with developers for a long time before bringing them in-house. After that, Sony provides these developers with whatever they need and tasks them to develop top-quality games within set timelines. 

Their strategy was effective as in 2020; Sony dominated the list of the best-selling games. At the moment, the company is contending with a massive demand for the console. Fans are excited and are looking forward to what PS5 has in store for them this year. There are already many games on the horizon, but fans are also looking forward to several changes in Hardware and Software to make the console’s versatility stronger.  

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