Diablo IV is not coming out soon, so Blizzard still has time to improve key aspects of the game. To do this, the company is actively reviewing the players’ feedback and is already going to make some changes based on it – for example, to rework ancient items.

Here’s what David Kim, a leading systems designer, writes about it:

We fully agree with the community’s opinion – the ancient objects in their present form really do not have a clear purpose in Diablo IV. We had to give a better explanation of the role of ancient objects in Diablo IV. We wanted to share the preliminary direction of their development, but you raised some important questions, so we will review the design of these items based on your feedback.

In the near future, the developer also promises to talk about how the studio plans to improve the basic items, adding more diverse features to them.

In addition, Kim said that in the final version of the game abilities will not be tied to specific slots, as it was in the demo version. Eventually, the skill distribution system in the interface will be similar to what we saw in Diablo III.

In the fourth part, there will be dungeons, the entrances to which will be opened with special keys. The developer explained how dungeons in Diablo IV differ from those in the third part:

Most dungeons are real places in the world. Players will know some information about them, including what types of monsters, events and architecture to expect. Thanks to this information, which will provide the appropriate key, gamers will be able to think through the tactics before entering the dungeon. We believe this is the biggest change compared to the Diablo III faults.

Finally, according to Kim, the company has not yet decided what the endgame will look like. So far, the developers are planning to make two systems of experience, one with the maximum level of exping to give players a sense of completion, and the other one seems to be endless, so that after the campaign it will be interesting to play on, performing particularly challenging tasks.

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