As we move through the main quest, we meet two important characters. Stories and Arzagos tell us the story of Calradia. Istania intends to support the Empire of Calradia, fragmented by the civil war. Arzagos believes that the Empire must be destroyed and the kingdoms must go their own way.

The main quest will also lead us to two gang camps near the main settlements. Istaniya and Arzagos inform us that these two camps contain parts of the Dragon Banner. We attack the shelters, defeat their leaders, and get the Banner.

The Dragon Banner plays an important role in the history of Calradia. It’s a difficult choice before us.

Istania offers to support the Empire. Its demands:

Variant 1: create an imperial faction. Conditions: Clan rank 3, clan must be independent, troops 100, possession of an imperial settlement.

Variant 2: support an imperial faction. Condition: Give the Dragon Banner to Lucon, Northern Empire, Rhagaea, Southern Empire, or Garios, Western Empire.

Arzagos has other plans:

Variant 1: Create an independent kingdom. Conditions: Clan rank 3, clan must be independent, troops 100, own a settlement.

Variant 2: support an independent kingdom. Condition: Give the Dragon Banner to the ruler of the independent kingdom of Unqid, Aserai, Caladog, Battania, Monchug, Khuzait, Raganvad, Sturgia or Derthert, Vlandia.

Please note: if you choose to support an independent kingdom, you must first join it and only then give the Dragon Banner.

Raising the Dragon Banner.
Which option should I choose? It all depends on the Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord campaign approach. We raise the rank of the clan to become vassals. Fame grows, we take over new settlements. Based on this experience, you can choose the most convenient option to dispose of the Banner.

Banner transfer.

The character is a vassal of Durtert, King of Vladii, and owns several settlements. If you choose to create an independent kingdom, you must get independence from the Kingdom of Vladivostok. In this case, you must either give up your possessions and damage diplomatic ties, or start a war with Holland, which will have even worse diplomatic consequences.

you can offer the Dragon Banner to King Durtert. He is the ruler of an independent kingdom. This does not require a Third Rank clan, no need to hire a large army. It’s a simpler and more profitable way to do it. In the same way, you can choose the best imperial option at Istania. Please note: passing the Dragon Banner to a ruler does not improve relations with that ruler. Whichever way we choose to go, our own kingdom or give the Banner to the ruler, at the end of this quest we will get a new one: the rebirth of an empire or its sunset. For those who chose the Arzagos plan, the next step is to weaken the Empire. It is necessary to seize the settlements so that all the imperial rulers have no more than four. Asking to unify the Empire by taking over the lands of independent kingdoms.

Get ready for conspiracy. If we take Arzagos’ side, Istania will try to interfere with our plans, and vice versa. The war is not far off…

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