“The future is not here yet” – the first reviews of Google Stadia

Google Stadia game service will be launched tomorrow, November 19. Some international media have already tested the “revolutionary” product from Google and share their final opinions.

Most critics agree that now Stadia is at the stage of beta-testing: many functions do not work yet, and the quality of the picture and the response is poor.

If you are constantly suffering from the limitations of your Internet service provider, you will surely avoid Stadia.

  • IGN.

There is no reason why anyone should be using Stadia now.

  • The Verge.

If you’re looking forward to the same level of graphics clarity and instant management response as a powerful gaming PC or console, you’ll probably be a little disappointed.

  • Financial Post.

The biggest problem with Stadia is that the service doesn’t give you a smooth gaming experience at the start of the game.

  • Polygon.

A look into the future that may be another company will realize.

  • PC World.

One of the many challenges at Stadia is that you and I may have very different experiences.

  • VentureBeat.

Under the right conditions and with a powerful connection, Stadia feels like a potential leap into the future, and streaming games feel like magic.

  • GamesRadar.

Streaming of games from Google is too limited and unreliable and brings too little benefit.

  • Ars Technica.

I wouldn’t buy a Stadia kit at this time, just because many features will not be available until the beginning of 2020.

  • Yahoo Finance.

Google Stadia works perfectly in perfect testing conditions, but that does not mean that the service is worth using right now.

  • Screenrant.

The future of streaming games has not yet come.

  • CNET.

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