Forecasting is a thankless thing. The more accurate and specific the forecast, the less chances it will come true. Therefore, I suggest that you treat this text as a fantasy based on today’s reality. On this basis we will try to look a little into the future of computer and video games today. Let’s dream up?

More and more games will be released in parts

We are all used to the fact that in addition to the main game, we are also offered a handful of add-ons/DLCs. And if earlier add-ons were positioned as something optional to purchase, today they are unobtrusively presented in the form of content, without which the gameplay would not be complete. You just can’t get the most out of the game without buying all the add-ons. You can’t blame a video game publisher or developer for wanting to make and increase their profits. And soon we will not notice how add-ons will be required to purchase. This is only a fraction of the big picture.

Imagine that any game will come out in parts. On the day of release, you will only be able to purchase the first episode. The game will give several hours, and in order to continue, you will need to wait for the next episode to be released.

This was the case with The Walking Dead, where we waited for each episode and counted the days until it was released. Now the game can be purchased as a whole, there is no need to buy it in stages. Sometimes you don’t even need to wait for something, just click on the link and visit it now.

What for bigger games with open-world?

Horizon Zero Dawn has shown that the add-on can be perfectly “sewn” to the main map without seams. In this case, it was a kind of “bottleneck” that allows the location to be loaded if you decide to go to it. But what prevents you from following the example of GTA Vice City and simply blocking a section of the map, to which a new location will be sewn in the future?

Almost any game can be released this way. And with each new episode, new story episodes, quests, map sections, new game modes, and new content developers can “open” the next part of the world.

Is it bad? – In fact, everyone benefits from this state of affairs. Developers, publishers and players alike. Benefits for Developers and Publishers:

  • The time interval between the start of development and the release date is reduced. On the day of release, only the first episode is released, which can be brought to mind not in 4-5-6 years, but in two years. Maybe even a year. The development time for each subsequent episode is reduced, since to some extent the content already created for the first episode will be used.
  • It turns out the opportunity to make a profit already at the development stage, and not after its completion.
  • Publishers’ favorite pre-orders remain, and you can even enter subscriptions for new episodes. Perhaps we will see a serial game sooner or later.
  • Profit from sales increases. Publishers have long wanted to change the price tag of games upwards. In the case of a phased release of games, this can be achieved when the purchase of each individual episode will cost more than pre-ordering the entire game as a whole.
  • The ability to respond on the fly to community feedback and adjust subsequent episodes to make it more attractive to players.
  • The ability to warm up players’ interest in the game for a long time, because they will return to it again and again with each new episode. News of a new episode will be swept through the headlines over and over again keeping the interest in the game for a longer time.
  • Obtaining statistics on the progress of players through the plot makes it possible to calculate the most favorable moment for the release of a new episode.

These are not all the benefits that can be found. If you look closely and think about it, you can find a dozen more.

So, what benefit players will get?

There are a number of advantages for us too. Here they are:

  • Reducing the time from the date of the announcement to the release. We all know how tiring it is to wait for the game you want.
  • The chances of getting a well-polished game on the release date increase, and not a buggy mess like Cyberpunk 2077 (and expect another six months to fix the glitches and bring it to marketable form). Of course, it’s a complete gamble like pokies online Australia, and even in this version of the games, the likelihood of the release of the game in its raw form does not disappear. There is always such possibility.
  • There will be no need to postpone the purchase of the game in advance. On the day of release, you will need to pay not the whole 60 dollars price, but only 1-2, maybe 5-10 USD.
  • Loading one episode will be much faster than the entire game. For some players, the amount of data downloaded is very important as well. Not everyone has a high-speed internet connection, and even if they do, the PlayStation Store still plays by its own rules and limits. *If you know what I mean*

And again, the benefits can be found much more if you brainstorm well.

Almost any game can be released this way. Racing games, corridor shooters, and games in the open world, as well as story-driven single-player games. If you think about it, even sports simulators can be brought under such a scheme. Almost any game can be adapted. Unfortunately, this method of releasing games does not fully solve the problem of online shooters.

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