2K Games and Gearbox announced the beginning of the “sunset” of Battleborn – the shooter’s servers will be shut down in a year, in January 2021, after which the “killer Overwatch” will sink into oblivion.

At the same time, the game has already stopped selling in digital stores, and from February 24, developers will turn off microtransactions – the currency “Platinum” will be available only directly through the gameplay. However, the virtual shop will work up to the server shutdown.

At the same time, 2K Games focuses on the fact that after January, even a story campaign will not be available, although it takes place alone.

When the servers are shut down in January 2021, Battleborn will be inoperable in any format.

Battleborn came out almost simultaneously with Overwatch, but did not make it worthy of competition. The developers repeatedly said that it was their biggest project in history – of course, before Borderlands 3. Unfortunately, the game didn’t reach a large audience.

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