The Plot and Characters of Jagged Alliance : A Review

Jagged Alliance is a tactical role-playing game that was originally released in 1994. It has undergone several updates and improvements over the years, with the latest version being “Jagged Alliance: Rage!” which was released in 2018. The game revolves around a group of mercenaries hired by the government to overthrow a dictator who has taken over the fictional country of Arulco. In this review, we will discuss the plot and characters of Jagged Alliance.

The story of Jagged Alliance takes place on the island nation of Arulco, which is under dictatorship control by a man named Deidranna Reitman. The player assumes control over a small mercenary team that must liberate cities throughout Arulco by completing missions such as sabotage, espionage, assassination and rescue missions. These operations are intended to gain support from local people as well as weaken Deidranna’s regime.

As you progress through the game and complete your various missions, you slowly start to unravel more about what Deidranna is up to. It’s revealed that she has been forcing males between 18-50-years-old into forced labor camps as part of her evil plan.

One distinguishing feature of Jagged Alliance is its wide lineup of characters available for recruitment for your team – around seventy-five different mercs can be hired during gameplay! Each character comes with unique stats like experience level in combat situations or specific types weapons they excel at using- making each one special in their own way

Some popular characters include:

1) Ivan Dolvich: A former KGB agent who specifically lacks social skills but makes up for it through his strong shooting abilities.
2) Brenda “Ira” Romero: Speaks Spanish fluently quickly kicking enemies out; reasonably intelligent.
3) Mike “Buzz” Brooks: Professional wrestler from Texas; decently well-rounded skill set but nothing specialized

Beyond these custom characters, your team must also learn to work with the various NPCs of Arulco. Dr. Vincent Beaumont is a doctor who provides your team with medical aid, and experience guide Kyle “Shadow” Simmons can offer valuable intel about the dictator’s forces.

Overall, Jagged Alliance has stood the test of time and remains a popular tactical RPG game decades after its initial release. The storyline is engaging and holds up well despite its age which can satisfy any gamer looking for some nostalgic fun! The unique mechanics here are complex characters with varying strengths and specialties that provide diversity throughout; players will easily find their favorites!

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