The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has partially spoiled the final in a latest commercial

Kotaku website noticed that in the fresh commercials Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order without any warnings caught up with one of the key moments of the final game.

According to news editor Jason Schreyer, the last few days were spent on American television on the occasion of Thanksgiving, so many people could accidentally ruin their experience.

In addition, the video was published on Xbox and PlayStation – of course, again without warning.


The video, apart from the double lightsaber that was presented shortly before the release on X019, shows a small scene with Darth Vader – the classic villain appears at the very end of the game, starting the chase for the main character.

The appearance of the character is so spectacular in many ways because in the “Fallen Order” almost all the characters – new to the universe, invented specifically for the game. Therefore, the cameo favorite villain in the finale itself causes many puppies to delight.
In the comments to the videos people say that, of course, they expected the appearance of Vader in the game, but “know” and “expect” – different things.

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