The Top 7 Winning Solitaire Strategies You Must Practice

Cube Solitaire is one of the most widely accepted and admired classic Solitaire card game variants. The game is also the closest to the classic game and is often confused with Solitaire. Before the game came to dominate the world of online mobile games, it was played on personal computers. The game was introduced with the Windows 3.0 version, and it continues to offer productive entertainment to millions of gamers across the world. 

The Cube Solitaire game has come a long way, and the rules are slightly twisted to make it blend in with the fast-paced nature of online games. The game is played with one standard deck of cards and four suits. Each game lasts for around five minutes, and the objective is to create a sequence from Ace to King in alternating colors but belonging to the same suit. Once you’ve created the relevant set, transfer it to the foundation pile and earn points. Players can play practice games for pure entertainment, or if you want to make money, you can participate in tournaments in the 1V1 format. 

Winning Solitaire Strategies You Need To Practice To Stay Ahead In The Competition

Solitaire Cube is a card game that cannot be won without the right tactics. Therefore, the game demands a lot of analytical thinking and utilization of your mental abilities. So, if you require a solid Solitaire Cube strategy, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Move fully packed builds 

 When building down cards, it is crucial to keep in mind that only fully packed builds or the last card in the column can be moved. Therefore, the entire set of cards that appear in the relevant order is the fully packed build, and you must remember this when building down the columns. 

  1. Try to uncover hidden cards as quickly as possible 

If you want to discover possible moves, you need to expose hidden cards. The more cards you reveal, the more options you’ll get, and that can increase your chances of winning. 

  1. Create empty piles quickly 

Start moving cards from columns that consist of fewer cards. When the column is vacant, you can use it as a temporary storage place for cards while rearranging them in sequences. You can even use the empty space to move cards so you can uncover more hidden cards. 

  1. Carefully decide the color of the King card when placing it on an empty column 

Empty slots can be occupied only by a King card. So, you need to decide on the color of the King card. In Cube Solitaire, the sequence is built by placing cards of the same suit but alternating colors. Therefore, your decision of placing a black or a red King will determine the sequence of cards. 

  1. Concentrate on removing a column as early as possible 

Empty slots are strategically essential, and you can create them by moving a fully packed build to the foundation pile. It will give you a vacant slot in its place, and you’ll earn points. As mentioned before, use the empty slot for temporarily storing cards when you’re rearranging and building a sequence. 

  1. Don’t be hasty when it comes to dealing more cards

You might be tempted to tap the stockpile and deal more cards. While dealing more cards is necessary, you mustn’t be hasty. It would help if you waited for as long as possible to deal additional cards. Each time you click the stockpile, the new cards will block the number of available moves. So, make use of all the moves and then deal more cards. 

  1. Using the Undo button can make a massive difference to the overall game’s outcome 

The Undo button on your game screen is there for a reason. You can click the button and go back one step if you have made a mistake. In addition, the Undo button gives you a chance to rectify your mistake and play a different move that might give you more options for potential moves. 

Besides, it would help if you played as many practice games as possible to learn the rules. The practice games are played with human opponents, and they will teach you how to handle pressure, especially when you’re playing a timed game. 

The rules of playing Cube Solitaire 

  • The deck must be solved by moving all the cards in descending order. While the suit must remain the same, you need to alternate the colors between red and black. 
  • If there’s an empty slot, only a King card can occupy that space, and the color you select for the King card will determine the rest of the sequence.
  • When you have created the proper sequence, you need to transfer the set to the foundation pile, and you’ll score points. Ensure to move the set sequence before the timer elapses. 
  • When there are no possible moves, you need to click or tap on the stockpile to draw new cards. 
  • It is not possible to solve every deck in a Cube Solitaire game. So, if you think the game isn’t solvable, you need to tap the Submit button and end the game. By completing the game early, you can earn a timer bonus. 

Where to practice Solitaire?

Before playing Solitaire Cube where you put money on the line, you’ll want to practice these strategies and make sure you know them well. Here are two places where you can play unlimited practice games of Solitaire:

  • Solitaire Bliss – Create an account on this site, and track how you improve from game to game
  • Go Solitaire – While it’s a basic solitaire games, you can see if you can rank on the monthly leaderboard. If you do, it’s a sign you might be ready for Solitaire Cube!

Now that you’re equipped with the strategies and know the rules, it is time to download the game and start trying your hand at it. Best of luck and happy gaming!

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