Tips and tricks to fly longer in Forever Skies game

Forever Skies is an exciting game that involves flying airplanes across the world. The game can get quite addictive, and players may find themselves wanting to fly for longer periods. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks to help you fly longer in Forever Skies.

1) Upgrade your aircraft: It is important to upgrade your airplane as soon as you can. Upgraded planes have better fuel efficiency and are faster than basic aircraft, enabling you to cover more distance in less time.

2) Avoid turbulence: Turbulence consumes more fuel than calm weather conditions. Try staying at a high altitude where there’s no turbulence. You can use the wind data and radar to pick routes with calm skies.

3) Plan ahead of time: Proper planning before each flight session can save you a lot of fuel or even let you avoid having used too much already at the end of your trip since it lowers any hitches that could arise while flying due to lack of predictability by giving prior knowledge on weather patterns, alternate routes etc.

4) Utilize Time-Limited Planes – Occasionally there might be limited edition planes in event sales or otherwise which provide benefits over standard planes such as double or triple experience points which benefit players significantly whilst making their way through maps faster

5) Think Economy – ensure optimal speed for covering distance but try not doing unnecessary dangerous stunts risking lowered maneuverability ending up using upward corrective measures losing momentum fuel!

6) Use bonuses wisely- collecting point rewards during each level ups then availing them when feeling low on resources helps towards completing objectives without depleting the supply too quickly

7) Utilise Multiplier Tips- Achieving challenges like “VIP escort” yields multiplier effects resulting in rewards being multiplied exponentially so trying these modes will be rewarding

In conclusion, it takes long flight hours spanning continents foreign destinations for successful completion playing campaign mode plus raising levels through obtaining achievement awards.The above tricks can significantly add to the flight duration time while ensuring you are collecting points and bonuses along the way. By utilizing these tips, you can make your Forever Skies flying sessions more engaging and satisfyingly prolonged!

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3 responses to “Tips and tricks to fly longer in Forever Skies game”

  1. As someone who loves playing Forever Skies, I appreciate these tips for flying longer. I had never thought about using the autopilot feature to give my fingers a break, but it really helped me conserve my energy and fly for longer periods. Overall, great article with helpful advice!

  2. Great tips for flying longer in Forever Skies! I found upgrading my aircraft to be the most helpful tip. The improved fuel efficiency and speed really made a difference in my ability to cover more distance. Thanks for the advice!

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