The first thing I will tell you about is how and where you drop, remember never, in no case in the rating mode do not drop, and even more so if you produce do not discard your squad in fights, fights death, it is desirable not to fall in the top loot, try to fall on bumps or places where there is time to get lost! If you want to warm up, you’re on your way to the normal mode or to the training ground. Do not detach from the squad if you do not like the place, because alone you are likely to be killed.

Find players who have the same goal or play well for ranked games. Believe me, even if you have 2 players without 3 will be very hard to play.

So look for yourself teammates who help, mark the loot, mark the enemies, as well as play well for their rank.

If you can not find your favorite team, then choose classes that are useful in the game of solo

The main thing is not to be selfish, do not spare your allies syringes, armor, ammunition. If you play with more experienced players, and you see the gold, do not immediately grab it, give it to the more spotted player, because if you do not play well, it will not help you much, and you just lose it.

For example, the Golden Backpack, which rewards the opponent with half of his hp and shields, is more suitable for a class like Lifeline, as it lifts many times faster than other classes, or the Golden Helmet, which accumulates cult almost 1% in 1 second, the Golden Helmet is better to give to classes such as Bangalore and Giraltar, because their ults are simply crushing.

Don’t forget to beat the special accelerators, every member of your team must have an ult ready. Ult in this game is a partial component that helps to survive.

For example, the Wraith Portal, often takes out in the mix, or zipline at the Pathfinder, which allows you to climb where other players can not climb.

Let’s move on to the subject of points.

If there is a situation where your teammates can not pick you up or pick up the banner, do not hurry to go out in the lobby even when it is time to charge a fine after your banner caught on gray, you continue to receive points for occupied space of your team.

If your Teammates are dead and you’re still in the solo, you’re advised to take up a position in a hiding place like a hill that will allow you to see enemy units. Feel free to use a scout tactic called a rat. Remember, your job is to stay alive for as long as possible.

Do not forget that you should not chase fags, because here they do not affect so much, if you shoot 10 fags, and you will be killed in 1-2 ring, almost guaranteed you will go into the minus. To get points, enough to fill 1-3 fags and 1 support and take 3-5 place in the top.

Remember that the rating mode is mainly a war of camper, do not get into the kneading work from afar, suck up the fags, gain points. If you run into the kneading, expect an infinite number of units from different sides and the death of your squad.

By the way, it took me three days to get the predator. I hope my advice will help you.

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