If you are afraid to lose all your loot, then play for the Wild, whose arsenal is generated from yours. However, if your Wild falls by the death of the brave (probably from the bullet of a ” strategic” who sat in the bushes), then your main character will not lose anything. All the loot found in the raid for the Wild can and should be left in a personal crate.

Follow the quests. Tasks change every time. Sometimes you need to find and take a certain item for the merchant, and sometimes – to bring down some villain. One way or another, this is the easiest way to earn experience points, get a reputation from a merchant and gain access to tasks more seriously.

Insure your stuff. If you are afraid to lose your items, playing for your hero, you can insure them from different merchants. How does it work? You insure your things, and they come back to you after a while. It works, really, it only works if they are not dragged away by another player. Carefully read the dealer’s insurance terms and conditions. The term of the refund and the cost of insurance are all different.

Keep an eye on the body parts. Your hero has 435 life points, but all of them are distributed between body parts. Escape from Tarkov has an extremely advanced damage system – you can hurt your head, legs, arms and stomach. The lesions are marked with different colors. If the body part is gray, everything is fine. Red – it is damaged and needs treatment. Black – get ready for funerals if you do not take any immediate action. Depending on the status of the injury, you can take a painkiller, bandage the wound, use an ordinary first aid kit, use a special tactical first aid kit, etc. It is possible to study the effects and injuries on experience, but it is better to use a special website.

Get out of Tarkov. No, we’re not talking about the fact that the game should be removed, as Dr. Disrespect, who is used to the fact that he dominates wherever there is no such realism (and even more so except Fortnite). When you start the raid, you should already think about how you will finish it. Preferably not a black screen and inspiring sound accompaniment of the hero’s death, but an escape. First – find a map of the area, and then get to the right point of evacuation. Press the “O” key twice (English layout) to see all possible escape options from the map. The number of points you will get for successfully escaping from the map will vary depending on whether you are playing for Wild or for your character. Whether an evacuation point is active, you can find out if there is green smoke near it or if the lights are lit. In some locations, you need to perform certain actions to escape. For example, to gain the support of Wild AI if you play for them. At first, you may be helped by cards, which are easy to find on the Internet.

These are the basic rules that will help you get to Tarkov and escape from it. And then repeat it again. This is an incredibly exciting, but challenging game that teaches patience and endurance. But if you understand its essence and let it reveal itself to you completely – you certainly don’t want to leave Tarkov forever.

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