We’ve compiled tips for newcomers to Last Oasis, and we want to share them with you to make it easier for you to understand. In our Last Oasis guy guide you’ll find secrets and tips to help you get through.

Last Oasis is a new online game about survival, where the main goal of the player is to create different bases, which are designed to conquer the huge open world. The player has a difficult task – to survive in intense PvP battles. In this guide for beginners, collected tips that first start playing this game, as the main focus is on the features and basics of the game. For more information about the game, read our other guides in the section.

Your first quest

When you create your character, the player appears in an area called “Cradle”. Cradle is a low-level starting zone, which allows you to run and explore the game for some time, before heading to the dangerous and merciless world of Oasis.

Tips for newbies in Last Oasis. Guide and pass secrets.

During your stay in Cradle you will have many study quests that will teach you how to gather resources, access inventory, create your first items and much more. Be sure to take advantage of all these tips.

A New Journey
As with all survival games, your first goal is to collect some basic resources in the early game – wood and fiber. You can find wood by collecting wooden sticks from the ground and fibers, collecting bushes.

At the moment the only thing you will open in the Kraft menu is “Beat Stick” and that is the goal of the first mission. To create the Beat Stick you will need: 7 trees and 5 fibres.

Water is the basis of life
After creating the Beat Stick you will need to equip it by right-clicking on its icon. Next thing you need to do is go and collect some cactus pieces that grow around in the Cradle. Just aim at the cactus and destroy it, then you will have pieces of cactus that you can collect, you will need 8 pieces to complete this quest. All you need to do now is eat 8 pieces to raise the water level.

First skill.
This quest sends you on a mission to find “Fragments” that are used to unlock things in your Skill Tree. For this particular mission, we will need to unlock the Sandbox recipe.

Tips for newbies in Last Oasis. Guide and pass secrets.

The Walker fragment you are looking for will be under huge wooden structures and you can assemble it by pressing “F” on your keyboard. Congratulations, you have acquired your very first wood skills anchor.

By opening the Skill Tree menu you will see five categories: Vitamins, Equipment, Crafts, Construction and Walkers. You need to find a Sand Patch under the Builders Tree and unblock it with 25 fibers collected from the bushes.

For those who are interested, Sand Bed is a rebirth point for your character at the beginning of the game as you will die a lot. Try to build it first.

Tips and tricks in Last Oasis
Make sure you unlock all the main elements of the early game as soon as possible.

It gets very dark at night, so you can use the Torch if you don’t have a fire.

Although this game is mainly designed for groups of 2 people, you can also play it alone. Just know that this is a much harder game to play.

Running over other people and stealing their hard-earned stuff is a lot of fun!

Try to join a clan, there Last Oasis opens up a new side.

Make sure you have a Sand Bed (for rebirth) and a hidden chest that will hold some of your prey that other people may not find. It is necessary to have it if you are dying a lot.

That’s where our tips for Last Oasis beginners came to an end.

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