Introducing the best final of the Of Blood And Beans quest.

In one of the fascinating quests of the latest DLC for Borderlands 3 is without a doubt Of Blood And Beans. However, at the end of the quest you will have a hard choice. If you can’t decide what to do with the beans, then we have prepared this guide specially for you.

So, you can activate the quest in Obsidian Forest, just find two characters – Betty and Reba. They give you a simple task: you just have to follow the bean path until you are in the last area. That’s where you’ll find an empty and full can of beans. Immediately after that, prepare to repel the attack of flying enemies. When you talk to Betty and Reba after the battle, you’ll have to choose which one to give the beans to.

You should be warned, if you choose one character, the second will have to kill. The best end of the quest is to throw the beans into the fire. No doubt, after that both characters will attack you. But if you manage to defeat them, the characters will not die, but on the contrary, will agree on peace and even open their own institution.

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